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TEXT TOPIC: Did you fall for a scam or almost fall for a scam?

There is a scam for Amazon. Last week it was an automated call saying I purchased an iPhone for $1200. Checked my account and no purchase was made. The auto call wanted me to verify my info, including my cc number.

A few months ago I got a call from a debt collection agency. Collecting for a pay day loan I took out in 2011. (Not). With penalties and interest the total is now $3,500.00. But it I pay now they will let me pay $475 and forgive the rest. I told them I didn't take out a payday loan. Their response was, maybe it was a roommate that used your information. (No). If I give them my Payment info over the phone I can take care of it now. Or they will have to report me to the credit agencies. I almost did it. But changed my mind. Told them to send me the paperwork that was used to get the loan. They hung up and i haven't heard from them Since.

Scam- text saying insurance over charge and they owe me refund of $769.65-click to receive. Nopenope

we had a friend that gave into the Rocky Mountain power scam. They immediately charged her $5000. Not the $39 that they ask for on the phone

husband got a call saying there was problems with our Verizon acct. somewhere in the call he decides to add me in. So I get on the line and instantly**

I worked for a credit card company. Lady was traveling and the front desk called her room letting her know the card declined. Got a new one over phone. Spent thousands in minutes

my mom fell for one last week where they said they will be shutting her off power in 35-45 min for a late bill if she didn't pay now. She asked a lot of questions and it seemed legit so so gave her card # and it was a scam. It was also an 801 area code.

I have had several people do this to me while pumping gas, I now bring my dog who can get aggressive when she doesn't know people so now if someone tries to come up to my car when I get gas or do anything at night I bring her with me!

I get that my Amazon account was locked. I check my real account and nothing of course

Someones been texting pretending you met them on tinder and then when you say wrong number and they ask for your pic and name to get to know you

I fell for a work email that was addressed to me from my boss for quarterly reports. Turns out it was phishing and I had to take security refresher training again.

had a fake call from Amazon saying someone ordered 2k on Apple products. They said the items had already been shipped to Tennessee. I eventually said I would call them back so I could call the real Amazon phone number. Scam. They were likely going to ask for my bank information to pretend to refund me.

this call came in saying my electric service is going to be suspended for being past due and to press 1. My account WAS past due only by like a day. I decided to call Rocky mountain power directly.

received a call the other day that my power was past due and they needed a payment to avoid shut off. I hung up and checked my power bill and it was up to date smh glad I didn't fall for it.

I would never go for scams on KSL years ago. Just recently posted on classifieds and almost got scammed numerous times from local area code numbers rather than different states

My mom got 4 different phone calls from the same number that was a local number here in our small town. She thought it was a legit caller from her credit union so the last call that came through asked for her credit and debit card information as well as her social security number. She's way too trusting and ended up giving all of it out. luckily my dad heard her giving out the numbers and acted quick. They were able to shut down the cards but this is her 6th time having this happen this year. Bless her heart she is a very trusting loving woman.

was trying to get a PELL grant to pay for college. Googled PELL grant and went to the first site thinking it was legit. Well after filling out All of my personal info they tried to charge me, but a PELL grant is free, well I finally looked at the fine print that it was a PELL grant loan from a company, not a PELL grant from the government.

own a company and lost 40k to a scammer who paid with credit card, payment processed but it was later disputed as unauthorized transaction. The house for service wasnt even his

my husband was selling a car, got a text from a "16yr old" that her dad was in the military on assignment and could only send emails late at night. Sent a long email of his "life" to make a connection w/my hubby of course it worked as we're a military family but when he got the check he asked me to deposit, when I saw the check I knew right way & asked for the full story

I almost fell for a scam saying Netflix couldn't charge my account and I had to update my banking or they will shut off my account. I get notices from my bank account and the day before I had notice that my Netflix payment came out so I knew it wasn't real.

worked at a hotel and a woman checked in one day. She offered me a job making a lot more per hour. I filled out an application and handed it in to her. Found out 3 days later that she was an identity thief. She stole 4 laptops, 10 credit cards and got a rental car under someone else's identity! The FBI contacted me and ended up catching her 4 months later!

Just last week. Rocky Mountain power saying my bill was delinquent under my maiden name six years ago. Hung up and called Rocky Mountain and obviously everything was paid.

Lindsey from Cottonwood Heights, I once got an email from "Amazon" saying my account needed to be renewed, and I almost believed it until I noticed a few things spelled wrong and worded badly. The first and last time being a Grammar Nazi has actually helped me in life. ??

got a call while at work that there's an arrest warrant out for me for 10k in student loans, need to pay immediately. Caught me off guard, started panicking, crying. Luckily was texting hubby and he snapped me out of it. Told me to hang up, never heard from them again.

got a phone call saying I had a warrant for my arrest if I didn't pay some bill that was very high. I told my boss we went to the Tooele pd made a report and the officer called the number back trying to get info and they wouldn't give it to him. Checked and I didn't have a warrant but it scared the crap out of me thinking I was going to be arrested

I was living in Chile at the time and someone call my nonna and the told her that It was a nephew from other city and my nonna said "sergio?" And they were like "yes it's me" and they ask her for money and clothes because something happened with the car and some more bs... they told her to leave it outside because someone was going to pick it up but nonna was kinda confused and called her grandson and he told her that it was a scam and to not answer the phone and call the cops

one time I was leaving a Walmart and a woman in a parking lot approached me with a note saying that she was deaf and needed money. I began signing to her and she got a panicked look and after a minute she whispered "go away" and ran off to try to scam somebody else

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