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TEXT TOPIC: PAT! What is your gripe?

you can't find the time to contact our daughter during the last year while deployed you don't get to choose to show up on our trip to Disneyland next month

Shut your damn dog up! I am the biggest dog lover and I have 4 of my own. But listening to your yapping little rat for 2 hours every night while trying to fall asleep is making me homicidal!

a cult is a cult. Doesn't matter if you don't think it's is, it's still a cult. Call your dad, you're in a cult.

you will never get pulled over FOR GOING THE SPPED LIMIT!!!!!!!!

To my INSANE MIL You don't like the way my husband talks to you... just remember I'm not the one who raised him....My kids don't talk to me like that....just sayin....

to my previous employer why don't you wake up and realize why everyone is leaving and fix it. No one is happy there.

it's called dating not we are in a relationship, don't be mad when I am going on a date with another guy. And don't come at me because I am interesting

SOME managers work a hella lot harder then you know. Cut us some slack and maybe ask us what help WE need for once or stabbing us in the back for a little perk we might get for OUR extra work covering your issues

I'm hoping this next chapter will workout for you but how can it if your still married legally, and you have less than six months separated and your already moving in with your new gf. Stop being afraid to take some time for yourself and be single for a bit.

Dear boss, I am down to my last 3 days and after a 6 week quit notice you still have done nothing so good luck to you and figuring out everything in my job. Oh and good luck after my gal quits within the next month with nobody trained into our jobs.

Passive aggressive: to the Medical Assistant that was telling my 9 year old son that she was putting "zofran in his IV" like cheese it up a little bit. He's 9 and throwing up, he doesn't need your big words right now.

To the couples that break up & get back together every 6-8 weeks, thank you for the entertainment- I've always enjoyed roller coasters!

screw u for not letting me go to the market around the corner just cuz the owner is cute

You texted me about work four days after my emergency C-section while I was still in the hospital. Of course you cannot call my cell phone for work related purposes you dense dictator

please don't cut me off when I'm driving my Tesla the auto sensors make my car brake hard and the people behind me don't pay attention I've had too many close calls drive safe

If I let you in my lane to merge on the freeway, DO NOT SLOW DOWN! Speed up so we can all merge. Your Lexus is not more important biatch ??

Stop being a petty grandma just because I made you quarantine because you were exposed to Covid so my kids can sleep over you tend to call me names and talk shiz behind my back to my kids pathetic

teach your kid how to approach a dog. Don't get made when you kid run up on my hyper dog and gets knocked down

Healthcare staff is here to take care of you and not cheeze it up. We are burnt out and it is not our job to console your child.

dear stranger, don't snap at my daughter to tell her to come back to me when I'm already doing it. She has 2 parents and we don't need your contribution.

you call me a friend but u don't even meet me half way. Its a friendship meet me in the middle

please Stop hitting your lock button twice and making your car honk. It's 11pm, you park right outside my building and people are trying to sleep. If you're so unsure your remote works, lock your car when you get out of it.

To my boss that tells me I can be open and honest and direct with him. And not to suffer in silence, thanks for pushing back and telling me to do more than my job. I've been asking for help I am completely burned out at this point and I just need your had to be pulled out of your you know what. The rest of us feel the exact same way.

To a certain company that I work for. Just because you're making us employees wear masks again. And not having customers wear masks. Doesn't mean we enjoy it.

I'm sorry my kid isn't cool enough to hang out with yours anymore. We like nice humans anyway so Suck it biatch!

to the asshat in the brand new Suburban that cut me off and almost caused me to hit you, my truck is hella old and been through it, and is ugly AF, so IDGAF??

dear parents if you send you kids to throw away the garbage please make sure they throw it in and not leave it on the ground.

stop saying your so tough that you can work through anything when you call out all the time for a runny nose

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