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TEXT TOPIC: Did you have a falling out with a celeb?

Beyonce: after the cheating thing with jay z and running around saying f men. She is a hypocrite, still with the man that cheating on you.

used to like jlo until this whole Ben affleck thing. She just can't be alone and seems fake

jayz was my rapper as a kid until I found out he calls himself HOV trying to be like Jesus. THERES ONLY ONE JESUS!!!

Machine Gun Kelly. I was totally in love with him until the BBMAs. Then between the black tongue and groping, I lost all interest

My fall out was with 5 finger death punch. They have a political music video that I don't agree with but I still like their music.

Tom Cruise. I haven't watched any of his movies since 2006 since he came out against mental health. I know many people who struggle w/ mental illnesses so it made me mad

used to Love Tom Cruise, but ever since the Scientology thing came to light, I can't watch his movies or anything with him

Frankie will be pleased, but after Kanye's first public breakdown. I had enough. I unfollowed the entire Kardashian Clan. The entire family just bugs me!

fell out with Brad Pitt.. 1 reason, Angelina Jolie yuck!

Done with all of them and their political agenda ?

Miranda Lambert!!! She canceled so many times. Took her off my playlist everywhere !!

I had a falling out with Leah remini I listened to her podcast religiously and then she had someone on that completely bashed the lds church and was saying a lot of false things and calling it a cult and all kinds of things it was making me so extremely angry

my wife and Chris Pratt after he cheated on Anna Farris

Chris Pratt, once I knew he's possibly a Trump supporter.

Jason Aldean: I don't condone cheating

Tom Cruise 'nuff said!

had a falling it with Chris brown after he beat up Rihanna

falling out w Jennifer Lawrence, she became someone crying for attention....

MGK for calling out Eminem, even though he lost and switched genre's. Still can't fathom

Nicole Kidman used to be my husbands free pass,then he found out she smoked. That's his name falling out with her

Shannon Hale. She responded to a post and was just really rude. I couldn't believe she would act that way toward a fan. Not a fan anymore.

Olivia Wilde. She's no good now. I mean who leaves Ted Lasso for Harry Styles!? Who!?

got blocked by Kanye on Twitter for calling him out on being an ass to TSwift. Said he was a narcissist and in no way any kind of god. Hahaha!

Miranda Lambert: cheater Chris Brown: woman beater/abuser Tom Cruise: Weirdo (jumping on Oprah's couch got me)

G eazy. His music became garbage and he likes underage girls. And he cheated on Halsey

had a falling out with Lizzo. I totally loved her refreshing new vibe but after following her on Instagram and all the constant naked pics I unfollowed and am even sour on any of her songs old or new ??

my celebrity falling out is Theresa Caputo! I used to watch her show religiously since I am an empath. She divorced Larry! Nearly 30 years of marriage and fame takes it out! Nope! Dunzo!

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