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TEXT TOPIC: Did you break girl or guy code?

My friend in college got together with a girl I hooked up with. They ended up getting married. It's been awkward between us ever since

Started talking to a girl that my bud use to talk to years prior Got his ok to date her Haven't seen him since We're still together and expecting!

my girlfriend went to a treatment center for anxiety, stress, etc. for a month. Got back and found out her little sister had been "chatting up" her ex HUSBAND!!!

my sister dated my ex for a year after we broke up. He was awful to her too, so we bonded after the fact and are both happy and married to different people now.

is it breaking guy code if you date your best friend little brother's ex wife?

friend literally came up to me and said, "I like him too. We are we going to do about it?" CODE BREAKER

in the lesbian world, especially in Utah, everybody dates everybody's ex!

One of my best friends started dating my ex that I was with for two years a few months after we broke up. I found out by seeing a text message pop up on her phone from him when I was out to dinner with her. I was most hurt because she knew the pain he had caused for me during our relationship. Towards the end things got difficult and I was in a very bad place and she knew that, that is what hurt me the most.

not me but two friends of mine. One let her man "play date" our other friend thinking it will make him stay with her because their relationship was on the brink of being over. And that plan back fired on her so her "bf" and our other friend ended up marrying each other (happily married about 8 years now & two beautiful kids) and she was thrown to the curb with all her things.

my childhood best friend married my ex-husband. They lived in different states and he moved to where Im from with her. They now have kids. He went to prison for minor sexual assault.

im polyamorous. My BFF and I were dating the same guy, they broke up and then he dumped me. They're dating again now and she kicked me out of the friend group

now I have to start over and find an entirely new group of friends

my friend got with her ex's friend who also got with her sister (who I dated before that) ??

my husbands former best friend started dating my husbands ex wife as soon as he found out that their divorce was final. They kept it a secret for a while until my husband eventually put two and two together and confronted him about it. They haven't been friends since.

dated a girl for a year before I left on a mission. While gone my friend we would hang with went to a dance and dated her while I was gone. Came back and he told me about it and get this now he will not speak to me

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