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TEXT TOPIC: Wild Life Encounters!

Not wild but a cow charged me when I got too close (accidentally) to her calf. I barely made it over the cattle guard before she got me

My Buddy and I were hunting and had a badger charge and chase us. Got 10 feet before it left

Water skiing in island park and had an otter jump out of behind a cushion and jump off our boat!

While I was in Yellowstone, we were looking at a place in from my car, and a little kid got out and started yelling hey buffalo! The dad just stood there. Yes, some people are very stupid. -Haylo

I just got back from Yellowstone, they sell T-shirts that say don't take selfie's with the fluffy cows LOL yes there are signs, and even the map tells you to stay away from them. -Haylo

A few years ago my then husband and our two small daughters were snow showing into a yurt in the Unitas. About 100 feet ahead we spotted a baby moose cross the trail. My first thought was oh shiz! That means theres a mama. Not good! Then the mama comes and we had to wait her out for 20 minutes.

I was walking my dog in May. I live by Liberty. I ran into a doe deer. 2 weeks later, on my dog walk, I ran into a buck deer. Both in central city.

Came nose to nose with a skunk twice while running on trails in the early morning. I don't know what I would do if I got sprayed, my wife wouldn't let me back inside ??

I was fly fishing and a river otter started swimming around my legs and waiting for me to catch a fish. It wouldnt leave me alone so I had to get out of the river and try and ditch it haha

I was hiking with my dog last winter up neff canyon. My water bottle fell and rolled down the Mtn a little so I went to get it and next to it was just the outline of a dead wolf that had been eaten. Just fur and ears and blood left. So CREEPY!

Lake Tahoe- turned around to a bear 5 ft away standing at my open heel trunk with my daughter and brother inside Leaned forward to close trunk while yelling and i lunged into the vehicle locked doors

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