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TEXT TOPIC: What happened over your weekend?

I finally took my baby to Lava Hot Springs! He absolutely loved it! It was much needed after getting over his sickness

Went to opening hockey for the Ogden mustangs. And finished the weekend with the state fair yesterday.

Saw death cab for cutie at Ogden twilight. Great to get back to live music

This weekend i threw a party for my pit puppys first birthday. Piata full of treats, toys, his first steak and hot dog. He loved it!

We went to a birthday party at the Dejoria Center out in Kamas, beautiful place and Kamas is cool! Shout out to Kylie!

My disctirct (I'm a teacher) has adopted a new reading program, and we are expected to spend hours of our own time learning it...needless to say, that's what I did ALL WEEKEND!

Ask yourself... Why is losing & Failing Sooooo important? ~Motivational Massage

My little sister Xanthe (zan-thee) danced her in first Greek Festival too. She did amazing!

My daughter Harley danced in her first Greek Festival this weekend. She rocked!

The guy had just been charged the day before for a couple felonies and was out on bond. The police started looking for him when he started threatening his ex to kill her and himself the night before when he car jacked the woman in Clearfield.

My daughter's comp dance team Danced at the 9-11 Weber Remembers event Saturday. The entire event was well done.

Went to the BYU/ Utah games with my 13 year old son!! And it was his first BYU game ever and it was so fun to see him so happy! He had a blast!

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