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TEXT TOPIC: You feel uncomfy with this person around your spouse

my ex husband has a lot of female friends. The dumb ass doesn't realize/refuse to see that he gives the ladies alot of attention that they then misinterpret as flirtatious. They would try to make moves, or make comments to break us up, or felt that they had a right to comment on our lives/marriage. Needless to say he hasn't had a solid relationship since our divorce & it's been 3 years.

I had a friend call me one day and ask if me and husband were still together if not could she get his number, were no longer friends anymore.

I feel uncomfortable when my husbands ex wife is around, not because I feel like theres something going on, but because Im afraid she will talk him into smoking again. Hes been nicotine free for a couple months and hes been smoking for over 30 years. Its been so hard and I hate the temptation

yeah ... any female. #thirsttraps

It was my daughter's dance coach, he was single and flirty. Later I found out they did connect while we were married. Go with your gut feelings. Hind sight is 2020

My GF at the time(now wife) had a FWB before her and I got 2gether. She said her friend was the best she had ever had in bed. And I never felt comfortable after that.

actually sister in law makes me uncomfortable around any man for that matter.

my husband gets nervous around my bestie because we always manage to get in trouble or I embarrass him lol

My sister in law is a little ho she makes me nervous around my husband but I trust him

my husband has a friend who told him "leave that B* and date me instead" 2 weeks before our wedding

my husband's boss! She's married but has had multiple affairs with people at work! Don't trust that b

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