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TEXT TOPIC: Who is the boring texter in your life?

In the car with my 15 y old daughter.. every guy she likes is a bad texter. And I get to hear about it. Step it up boys. Mama needs you to.

From this topic I'm starting to see why I'm still single from the ladies. Haha

my boyfriend- I could text him I love him and it will take a day to get back to me.

I'm the boring texter. Even though I've had a cell for 15 years I've not mastered the emojis and GIFs. Also I'm just not a funny person anyway ???????

boring tester topic. "Yes"

my brother is such a boring texter always answers back with one worded answers I hate it makes me want to ring his neck haha just kidding but still

Boring texter in my life? NOPE! Why you ask? Because they've all been blocked. I don't put up with pulling teeth to have a convo!

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