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TEXT TOPIC: Who would you send a bill to?

I'd bill my neighbors kid. We bought our daughter a little ride on Jeep, owned it for a month now and the kid keeps jumping on it, pulling on the par decorative parts trying to get my kids off it and I'm over it. I'd and him a. $120 bill. Fyi... we've told him no and his parents are no where to be seen. Over it.

before the days of Venmo, I lost hundreds of dollars managing indoor soccer teams. Money was due in full before the first game... people promising to pay up later blah blah blah you owe me at least $200 and a pair of cleats, David!

it would be endless for the idiots at my work we support 'professionals' that can't install A/V on site and we get the calls. Some are as dumb as a cable not plugged in

I would bill my ex husband for the shopping spree I went on after he told me he had filed for divorce and for all of my therapy visits as well as the cost of my moving expenses and the monthly storage unit. It's probably about $5,000 ish total and still going. Therapy is expensive but so worth it!

People ordering Instacart, just remember that we are taking the time out of our day using our cars our gas yes so tip generously we don't make as much money as you all think we do

MIL- $18,000 for all the therapy she's caused my husband and myself

My time is valuable so I'd like money from all the men who have wasted my time by bailing last minute or ghosting

Would bill ex BF about $10K, said he would pay back for help w rent, paid a $6k collection, Disneyland trip, new bike & more

I'd bill my mother for endless therapy and contractors who never show up

Can I invoice my parents for emotional trauma? The therapy and Med management is getting expensive

my kids 1 million dollars! ??

anyone who no-shows to my photography sessions. I know I'm new to it, so I'm not charging much ($20 an hour) but I could have used that time for someone else

my kids 1 million dollars! ??

I'd give my ex an invoice for $10,000 because that's how much he stole from me (in money and valuable possessions) to get drugs behind my back through out our 4 year relationship.

yrs ago I got a large sum of money and was going to pay off my house & sell it. My brother who is a realtor told me not to pay it off. It took a yr to sell and I lost $20k.

my sister for "loans, cars, rent, " totaling 15k before I stopped enabling

our family member for borrowing our car for months! Never paid for insurance or maintenance! $3,000! Or at least a thank you amount!

friend, I've watched her 2 kids for over a year now for free full time.

I would charge 2k to my sister in law for everytime we had to cover meals for her family

I will bill my brother's best friend, she was going to live with us for a year, we move to a bigger house because off her , my fiance used her college found to pay the deposit because this girl didn't have money and she ended up moving out the second month and we found out the she had 3 jobs (so she had money to pay) and she is talking CRAP about us...

I would bill my biological father. Currently in my mid to late 30s. I have been going through therapy for years because of the trauma cause by him and my step-mom. It would be millions of dollars. I have been going to therapy since I was 10.

Actually I'd bill the parents of all of the kids Ive coaches for 15 years. I love the kids and do it for free because I believe in them. I'd love to send their parents a bill for having to listen to how their kids belong in the nfl

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