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TEXT TOPIC: What happened on the first date?

It was a blind date when the bill game it did not want to pay it. He fought it for about 10 min at the end of the date he asked me how I enjoyed my free mean

He ripped off a piece of his napkin about the size of a pea&told me he gets genital herpes in his genital hair a few times a year.I couldn't get out of there fast enough

Went on a date for a ride in little cottonwood canyon. He was showing off his convertible and we went over the edge. I spent the night in the hospital with a concussion and gash on my head. It could've been so much worse

Went out with him because I felt bad for him, but it ended up being a double date with his parents! Let's just say I didn't go out with him again.

Mine and fianc's first date was supposed to be a concert. Surprise! The pandemic happened and we ended up going grocery shopping and stalking up on toilet paper for his house

On the first date She sent her friend instead (catfished). Jokes on her we've been married for 5 years now and she's still single / dating

We are divorced. That was my first. He was telling me how cute I was and he pinched my nose. He gave me a bloody nose. I ended up spending 24 1/2 years with him.

Planned the date talked all week then text to see when we're meeting and he ghosted. Never made it to the date

Date with my hubby was supposed to be a double but my friends date stood her up. But she still tagged along, drove, and insisted I sit in the back with him... so we had a third wheel/Uber on our first date in 2008 ??

First date was to the movie Charly. He took me to his aunts house for movie snacks first then insisted I sit on his lap during the movie. No thanks!

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