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TEXT TOPIC: Passive Aggressive Tuesday

Dear employer, you can't claim to be a hybrid company when you still pressure your employees to come in to work everyday. Pick a lane!

To my former hairdresser Karlee, I hope you and your husband stub your toes everyday until you learn how to be better, and kinder to people :)


The sister that our parents favor was caught having an affair. That's what you get for all the times you got me in trouble. Carma is a B word!

I knw it's hard letting another person love ur kid but don't condition them to hate that person because ur a bitter baby mama

Show up to your shift first of all, and second, be. On. Time.

Just get vaccinated already!

HEY as long as we're all collectively going 4 MPH could f'ing let me in??

Hey honey, stop putting your friends first instead of our relationship or you'll find yourself back at square one.

For the love of God! The vaccine is not a part of some giant conspiracy. Let alone already. You are not going to mutate. And Elon musk is not gonna be controlling your brain.

Short and sweet USE YOUR BLINKERS WHEN DRIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To the people I sat next to at the Jonas brothers: farting in public is still rude even if it's an outdoor setting. Go to the bathroom or hold it SICKO

To my neighbor, Way to teach your kids to take advantage of their friends. Your kids ask mine to help them with their lawn business, and then just watch while my kids do their lawn care jobs, and you won't even let your kids pay them some of the money they earned.

Carol you don't know everything! Stop being the commander of every little thing. Your opinion is not correct all the time, so stop trying to make me only have yours

To the adult woman at Olive Garden, your glass is empty. Stop with the slurping! Not once, twice, or even 3 times. I would scold my own kids for that behavior.

Thanks manager for writing me up that I'm noT doing my work when I'm the only one in the department working when you all sit in your office having a party and watching videos on you tube.

People need to start using your blinker, it's in your car for a reason. Every morning there is a car that doesn't use his blinker and is zooming in and out of lanes.

Dude don't fall in love because we slept together. I told you 100 times I am not looking for something serious.

To Amanda. Some people don't get... that they don't get it. Feel free to find a mirror and point your finger at her first.

Nate take your negative bipolar attitude and shove it anyone who wishes me and my family to die needs to be committed ??

Hey old co worker/energy vampire/toxic miserable girl, don't ever ask my friends about my 2 year old daughter again. It's none of your business what "she's like". Stop comparing your life/kid to others

Just because you are a higher up and make buckets of money, doesn't mean all of the employees who make way less than you wouldn't appreciate and need a cost of living adjustment. Get off your high horse and realize not everyone is making 100s of thousands of dollars.

No masks, no testing, no distance learning option. You're making it impossible for my kids to get the education need through the district. I'm not a teacher and don't have access to their curriculum so how am I supposed to teach them? So much for no child left behind.

We aren't Anti-Vax, just don't feel comfy with a vaccine that was pushed through so quickly! You make ur decision, we will make ours!

To all the bad texters in my life. I love you, but please just send me a short text or even like it so I know you saw it! I totally get that not every text needs a response or some get forgotten. But if it's happening multiple times and I need an answer or am going out of my way to be kind, a quick like would be appreciated

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