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TEXT TOPIC: Why did you and your bestie have a falling out?

my best friend of 8 years set me up with my now husband, didn't think he was good enough for me and now we are distant "friends" I miss her daily

we both got pregnant and she got an abortion. We even offered to adopt and she said she didn't want stretch marks for nothing. Still haven't talked to her. 12 years

she was an alcoholic and it just kept getting worse and worse. She chose alcohol over all of her friends and didn't want help and was in denial.

we don't see eye to eye on politics. They can give their opinion and I move on. I gave my opinion, which is polar opposite. She gave me a disgusted look and we haven't talked since.

best friends for 14 years, I had a pregnancy loss and she got pregnant at around the same time with a healthy pregnancy. Haven't talked since March 2020, tried texting her 2 weeks ago but never got a reply

I had a falling out with my best friend of 16 years. I exited an extremely abusive relationship and she hasn't reached out to me in a year. When she finally reached out to me I thought she was going to check on me. Instead she asked if she could borrow my 401(k) for her failing business and if I would have a threesome with her and her husband. We rarely talk now.

I'd love to know why my best friend isn't talking to me, but she won't respond to texts or messages through social media. ?????????

I lived with my bestie in college and when I gave her my portion of rent she would use it to buy things for herself like a laptop and makeup. I found out when we got evicted for non payment. We haven't spoken in 10 years.

when I told my friend that I was pregnant and that bio dad left me at 5 months pregnant, all she could say was "I told he wasn't good for you" I told you, he was a bad person. Not once did she ask me if I needed anything during that time. Then it turns out she was liking his comments and pics on Facebook, What!! I haven't talked to her since.

went 2 PA 4 BFFs wedding As maid of honor. Im LDS & she said she would have a modest dress made 4 me, I would've worn the same thing as everyone else whatevs. Her MIL hates LDS so she had an Amish style dress made 4 me by legit Amish. I refused, wasnt in wedding, havnt talked 12 yrs

BFF for 20years, she got into heavy drugs, stole from me didnt talk for 5 yrs, friends now but still hard to trust and confide in her

I was having breakdowns from mental issues, my friends got sick of me calling for help to calm down. One owed me money from concert trips, I asked for it back. She blocked me. No contact in 6 years.

had a falling out with a good friend over some issues he was causing with our city league sports team at the time. He was going through a divorce and no one knew it. Big regret of mine, we've since made amends but the relationship is no one near what it once was.

9yrs ago saw my ex BF true colors when I was planning my wedding &building our Townhouse. She was difficult & criticized everything. Not friends anymore. I cut her off.

Me And my ex best friend we're friends for nine years and she just I don't know she wasn't a friend she was more like trying to be my mom anyways like I've given her so many chances like people will talk crap about her and I would stick up for her people talk crap about me and she would disagree with them or whatever and so she had a baby at 40 some years old and ended up going crazy and so I had to block her because it was just too much like she was just still trying to tell me who I can date who I couldn't have over my house and it was my house I couldn't watch the baby I couldn't see the baby just a lot of stuff happened and it was just crazy and no we don't talk no more

My friend of 20+ years is an anti-vaxxer. I can't be around them and will never understand why they are choosing to believe what they are believing instead of actual credible and scientific sources. We haven't seen each other for months and barely talk.

my BFF didn't like the guy I was dating. She gave me an ultimatum and told me to choose between him or her. This wasn't the first time she'd pulled that. That was 3 years ago. The guy and I are engaged and happier than ever.

hadn't seen my bestie more than twice after having my baby. After almost a year she invited me to a gno, turned out she was trying to push her mlm on me. I had ppd and felt so hurt I cut off communication for years. Finally talked again but it's just not the same.

parents and neighbors across the street used to be best of friends, neighbors always were at our house for everything Christmas birthdays you name it, always went to dinner together and even had season tickets together for the grizzlies. Then one day things completely changed and the neighbors cut my parents off completely, the one neighbor still treats my parents horribly and they have no idea why this happened

My boyfriend was cheating on me with my roommate/best friend. When I found out, she lied and said it was only once. I was mad, but forgave her. I ended up staying with him and moving out, but she was mad. I've tried talking to her, but she won't and even blocks me on social. It's been 13 years and nothing.

my best friend of 20+ years blocked me from everything when my spouse ws charged with serious crimes, still havnt talked and it's been 2.5 yrs. I don't plan on talking to her ever, she left me when I needed her most.

I had a huge falling out lately because I constantly felt that I was being judged. The final straw was when one friend in the group said another girl in the group had cervical cancer because she was a whore and had too much sex

I tried talking to my friend to establish a boundary & they didn't like that & we haven't talked since.

A friend & I had a miscommunication & they were very upset with me and I apologized profusely. I don't know if they expected me to reach out after that or what, but I didn't & they didn't either and we haven't spoken since.

Best-friends since 1st grade, fast forward to us being 16yrs old, her parents allowed alcohol, I black out #jager. Ended up walking into her room where she was laying with her boyfriend. Made out with him then walked out. I had no memory of it the next morning. She was clearly upset and told me what happened. We cried and I apologized over and over. It unfortunately ruined our friendship. She said she was over it, married with kids to the same guy. However, always brought it up when we tried to move forward. So it definitely put a wedge between our friendship. We only talk, small talk, here and there. Sadly, It will never be the same.

my best friend Would be late to everything & then spend the whole time on her phone "helping" other people w their problems got tired of being unimportant

bf's. My bf sided with my ex hubs in our divorce after watching him treat me horrible for years, cause she despised the new guy I was dating. Lied about all sorts of things resulting in lost custody of my kids. I still have to see her, (because our kids are half siblings)but avoid her at all costs.

I'm not responding to you because you are crazy AF and sabotaged every relationship in my life. I wanted to be happy. I'm very happy now.

We grew up together. Asked her to be my MoH. Had to drag her to get a dress. Refused to go to the spa the morning of. It was my gift to the bridesmaids & flower girls. Wedding time, she looked miserable. Wouldn't smile at all, & left right after the pics were taken. Its been 17 years today.

my friend liked to stir up drama and was physically abusive to my girlfriend. Then when my girlfriend fought back she bashed my girlfriends name to fellow friends

Best friend told me I was listening to Satan when I chose to keep my daughter after getting pregnant out of wedlock. It's been 16 years.

my hs bf of 10 yrs believed her fiance over me when he raped me when I visited her one summer for my bday. We don't talk anymore

The friends we legally signed our kids to it we die, decided there was emotional trauma in our friendship and never had a discussion with us, just said, we aren't friends anymore. We still have no idea what happened.

Friend moved in to MY house. She was truck driver. only there 2-3 days per week. Decided to seek custody of her grandkids and leave them with me while on the road. Um NO! Haven't talked in 20 years

bestie went missing turns out she moved out with her bf no notice to me or her fam. She reached out and I told what I thought of her decision and she hasn't talked to me since

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