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TEXT TOPIC: Were you a victim of mistaken identity?

my husband was mistaken for another man with the same name and had a bounty Hunter show up at our door on Xmas eve. Luckily he didn't fit the description

I was got charged with rape. Didn't even know the victim that well. Case went to preliminary hearing where victim testified that I wasn't the person. DNA evidence proved it wasn't me. Needless to say didn't date for a long time after that.

my MIL has been mistaken by cops for a hooker named Brenda with a warrant so once while she waited for the bus she was thrown to the ground by the police

came gone from a scout camping trip got pulled over and was told I fit the description of someone they were looking for. Told them it was impossible since I had been gone all week

my dad is from Mexico, and his brother committed a crime in California. My dad was arrested, being blamed for his brothers crime and at the time my dad was trying to become a citizen. He ended up getting sent back to Mexico.

Several years ago while pumping gas I was mistaken for DAVE. she came up to me and gave me a big hug and kiss after I had proved that I was not she blushed.

mistaken identity a guy paid for my family's dinner at Rodizio, when I went to thank him after, he started talking about things he was doing at work, I was confused so he finally said he thinks he may have mistaken me for someone who works for him.

Being an identical twin, people think I'm someone else every single day. Be good Sara! I'm not doing time for you.

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