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TEXT TOPIC: Have you ever passed out? What happened?

I was singing the national anthem at my small town rodeo, and locked my knees and fainted.

I was a little dramatic as a pre-teen. I saw my "Boyfriend" holding hands with another girl and passed out because I was so stressed out.

Passed out when I was 12 and I got my ears pierced at a fancy jewelry store. Then when I went back to get them checked 2 weeks later I passed out again!

so embarrassing but I passed out and fell off the toilet going #2. I had been constipated and it was super painful so I had a vagal response.

I fainted when I was at a Science camp when I was younger helping serve lunch.

my son would hold his breath when he got mad when he was young and pass out

mountain biking and had a little tip over. Didn't recover long enough and started walking up the hill and passed out. Face-plant but luckily I had my helmet on. Had to get stitches above my lip and messed up my teeth a bit.

sunburned called in to work next day passed out on phone

About 9 years back I passed out at iron mine campground from heat exhaustion. I could feel it happening and I told my family it was about to happen and I started convulsing. when I snapped out of it I told them to pour water on my chest and head which brought me out of it

passed out in the buffet line in wendover, lady said I was pathetic, too drunk to stand in line. My gf yelled at her her doesn't even drink! Her husband said that's the problem, get him a beer!

I was in mexico on a girls trip. A guy tried to rob us, and I was so scared I passed out. He ended up running off I guess.

so many times that I didn't know it wasn't normal. Most recent was a few months ago while giving blood. So sad because I love to give blood.

woke up at 2am with back pain. Sat down on the toilet and woke up on the floor bare butt in the air and a chipped tooth from hitting my face on the door. Kidney stones.

My husband passed out when I got an epidural. He is bad around blood and needles.

when I was a teenager I went and donated plasma before I went to work one day and I was working at a movie theater and I passed out in the concession area where I was getting everything ready and hit my head on the way down in this happened like 2 days after they fixed the cameras to the concession stand so they got everything on video

Went to visit my sister at a small InstaCare she was working at and she told me to keep an eye on a patient, in those two minutes he passed out on me. Just my luck.

the one and only time I passed out was when they closed my dad's casket. He died of the big C. Cancer sucks!

I am one time passed out because I had just gotten my IUD put in I was feeling fine sat up and woke up on the floor face down but in the air naked from the waist down.

My dad hd heart surgwryy and my dghtr and I went in to see him. He had lots of tubes and looked bad and my dghtr fainted. BTW don't yell oh God someone help me in a cardiac unit. Hahahaha

I passed out my first day of nursing clinicals in the hospital. We weren't even doing something worth passing out for LOL We were in a patient's room getting them up for the day, one of the nurses was running down the hall saying we need a doctor and it was for me, the nursing student not the patient. so embarrassing!

When I was younger my brother jokingly put me in a headlock and I passed out. He thought I was joking. I wasn't. Luckily he guided me down to the ground so I didn't hit my head. I was only out for like 5 seconds but I had a dream that felt so long.

passed out after getting a penicillin shot @16. My mom screaming for the dr is all I remember before hitting the floor. Turns out I'm allergic.

passed out learning the register on my first day of work. While helping a customer.I woke up to several people staring at me from above. Awkward

my husband passed out in the room that our newborn was getting strapped down an getting ready to be circumcised. Dr had to assist an yelled at nurses they need the smelly salt to have him come to.

I fainted from taking laxatives! They make all the water in your body go to your guts! I hit my head into wall and needed stitches and broke my finger. Hubby found me bloody on the floor.

passed out while delivering my baby. Amino fluid was leaking and blood was getting into the baby's sack and baby started "crashing" The anesthesiologist had oxygen on me and was trying to help push the baby out. When I woke up the surgeon had blood all over him and it was on the wall! It was baby #5

Was hit by a mortar blast in Iraq, I started passing out after that, complete faceplants every time. My heart rate was dropping to under 30 bpm. Had to get a pacemaker. Total craziness!

oh I got in a car wreck in 2016 and and after I got out of the car I went to go check on my friend she said she couldn't breathe I left it up her shirt and saw that the seatbelt had cut her stomach open where her C-section incision was and then I passed out and I woke up I was at the hospital. Scary

My husband was giving my daughter a shoulder massage at Olive Garden while we were waiting for our table and she all the sudden just fainted. Luckily he was standing behind her and was able to catch her. They were standing so that would have been a bad fall.

when I was 15 I got toxic shock and had 104 degree fever. I knew I was going to faint so I put my head on the door and then woke up on the floor.

14 and pregnant, passed out in grocery store, taken by ambulance, only my parents knew I was pregnant until then

I was laying on the couch and my bro farted the stinkiest fart ever. I got up to get away and got up too fast and passed out knocking stuff over and hit my head

Passed out after getting my bellybutton pierced in Vegas. I have a very low pain tolerance and I am terrified if I ever have a baby and deliver! Also I am allergic to amoxicillin and penicillin as well!

I was having my first baby and the nurse was doing my IV. I look at her and said "I think I'm going to pass out." She said, "you already did sweetie." Oops.

both children would pass out several times. They would do the wind up to what would have been a screaming cry but instead of screaming they would pass out. With my older child we ran to doctor by the second child it was more like hey catch him he's going down

They drew about 8 tubes of blood. He told me not to look at the blood, I looked at the blood and passed out

Hubby and I were having some adult time in the shower and I passed out. No idea why but it killed the mood ?? also while pregnant I would pass out on a daily through my whole pregnancy

passed out at the gym running on the treadmill. When I came too, all the paramedics that were there working out were hovered over me. They rolled me out on a stretcher.. never went back

1 month before my baby's due date, forgot to eat breakfast. I fainted in the middle of the church parking lot after church. Luckily my dad was next to me so he caught me before I landed. Another church member helped lift me into the car

one moment me and my boyfriend were having a high intensity workout in the steamy hot shower, the next moment I was waking up on the bathroom floor to my bf patting my back asking if I was ok. I guess we should save cardio for the bedroom!

smashed my finger in a cupboard at work. Thought I was good then my vision went fuzzy and I couldn't hear and woke up on the floor surrounded by like 10 people

in december, I had to have surgery. Well in pre-up, my husband passed out and hit his head really hard on the floor of the hospital. He was out for a while they had to call the rapid response team, and the nurse had a hard time finding a pulse. He ended up fine with just a concussion, but it was the scariest few minutes of my life.

When my daughter was 9 months old she needed a spinal tap. We where in the ER and the nurse asked if I could help hold her down. Being the tough momma bear I thought I was I obliged. I lasted just long enough for them to poke her and then I hit the floor.

passed out in the shower, jacked up my shoulder. It's been a year and it still hurts.

I was getting a check up after nasal surgery. When the doc was starting to suction my nose I felt odd and passed out.

my son 3 years old for so mad own day because his sister hit him he screamed once then wobbled over to me and past out so FLIPPIN SCARY

if my husband laughs too hard he'll pass out. It's kind of funny when others are around and don't know that he does that

had gotten food poisoning and could not keep anything down super sick. Went to the urgent care and they gave me a shot the stop vomiting. Felt super weird they nurse said I turned white and then passed out. Found out I was allergic to the shot. Woke up in the Er. Crazy

pass out when I start bleeding under the skin. Smashed my thumb & bled under the nail: passed out. Bowstring hit forearm, grapefruit size bleeding: fainted

have passed out numerous times. Getting my blood drawn, visiting really hurt people in the hospital, after my son's surgery. Nurse material I am not!

working at a girls camp at 18, I had a pissed off bird fly right into my forehead. The next thing I remember is coming to surrounded by screaming and crying little girls. Terrified of birds ever since.

passed out the next day after getting the COVID vaccine.

passed out when I was 13 after some allergy testing. Woke up 30 min later unable to walk for a year. Turns out it triggered an autoimmune disease I didn't know I was born with.

10yrs old thought it would be fun to ride down cousins steep hill on bike. While losing control passed out before I crashed. Woke to cuz carrying me up hill

passed out about 10 min after donating plasma and was in the bathroom of the Cafe rio. No one else was in there.

doing my internship as a dental assistant for my 1st extraction. Feeling nauseated, the dentist clipped some tissue & I could hear it go up the suction tube & just as I went to grab another assistant I blacked out & apparently passed out on the patient, the dentist freaked out & pushed me over & I came to in the corner of the room with the staff over me! I thought I fell asleep on the job & was in trouble! They put me in the next room on oxygen & I could hear the dentist tell the patient this has never happened to him before! I was mortified & literally laughing to myself!!

the first time I met my sister in law, she was the oldest and most scary, I was pregnant and got so nervous I fainted in the middle of the mall where we met up. Woke up on the floor embarrassed as hell.

Passed out after being pulled over by UT cnty sheriffs and they tried to keep me from swallowing something by squeezing my throat with 4 hands. Woke up in hospital

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