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TEXT TOPIC: What is something new you tried?

Energy healing. From someone who blocked a lot of emotion a lot of my life. It has changed my entire life.

I tried coloring my hair orange and it looks so cute! I do really like it!

31 year old mom of four here! I recently started using self tanner. It's been so good for my self esteem and I love having a tan on my pasty body that can't tan naturally. It's made me realize I'm worth the extra effort that I put into myself. Something as simple as self tanner..

I try 2 do 2 new things a year kayaking, ax throwing, Pho ??

I've made my own dill pickles. They are easy and tasty!

riding motorcycles!

my girlfriend wanted to tie me up during sexy time, so I let her and she had her way with me. Daddy like

I've always hated reading. But I've recently tried it again and I'm Obsessed. Almost 30 and I love me some romance novels

just barely cut all my hair off, 20in. I shaved it all off, left about 2in on top. I was terrified because I've had short hair before and hated it, but I love it so much now. It feels so light and my boyfriend has told me I'm so much more confident now.

I'm 40 and just got braces for the first time. My teeth were embarrassing and now they look great! Why was I afraid?

my husband and I recently realized how much we spent in eating out, so now we plan out our dinners. Much more rewarding

A threesome Still on the fence about it, but leaning closer to not. Lol

Jam!! I'm 38 years old and super picky and tried jam for the first time about a week ago when I was out of town with my girlfriends. Now I want jam on warm biscuits all the time??

bought an air fryer yes got on the band wagon and freakin LOVE it! Healthier lifestyle and lost 39 pounds while using it

new to dating after being married for over 20 yrs not sure if I like it yet ... crazy new world

I've started saying morning and night affirmations. It's made a difference in my overall happiness

Creating a podcast. Me and sister started a crime podcast and loving it. Still learning the ropes of it all. Called mocktails, cocktails and murder Our love of drinks, crime and talking!

middle aged female newly started using cbd lube. LIFE CHANGING. Highly recommend! XO

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