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TEXT TOPIC: Did you leave your job in a blaze of glory?

I got fired from a local transportation company during Sundance. The reason was so ridiculous I took 4 coworkers with me including my brother and best friend. Hope they had fun with the busiest time of year

My former boss was retiring. He told all the coworkers and his bosses to come outside. He mooned us, said some sentence enhancers and flipped everyone off. Then left

I reached my limit, left plastic knives and toxic waste candy in bags for certain people with a note that read "here's your knife back, I finally got it out of my back. Be kind you never know what others are going through" Yeah that was a fire storm

we had some racial stuff going on at work. When I complained to the boss she told me that she didn't care because she was quitting. So I complained to another person of authority and the business called it backbiting. They said I was not allowed to complain to two different individuals. I quit my job because I didn't stand for what was going on. When my coworkers found out what happened they also quit. They went from having a staff of 8 to having the one person who made the comment.

my district manager showed up at my store and wanted to fire me. He and my store manager had a real petty reason for letting me go. Unbeknownst to me i was on a 30 day probation and 2 weeks in the district manager technically fired me so I told him to do something anatomically impossible to himself. I also told him i was reporting him for being fired 2 weeks into probation that I didn't know about as well as the reason and i was all of a sudden not fired....

I worked at a small business here. One of the owners/ bosses was just such a creep and a jerk. Always making ride little comments and disrespectful to everyone. I managed the place and one day I had enough. I just lost it and ripped him apart with words to the point he just sat down and cried. I quit and the two other people working with me quit as well and we all walked out together.

When I was 17 I was working at the mall the store I worked at hired someone who I trained. I had been working there for a years at the time. They promoted them over me. So I quit I last night I closed I stolen some stuff. Still made I did this. No one found out

Boss demanded that I complete 40 hrs of work for two locations in a 15 hr part time job. Quit during the holidays and they haven't been able to keep the position filled since.

had new boss that made 3x more-she had a degree. I did all the wk, she took 2 hr lunches, & demeaned me multiple X in front of dept. I gave 30 day notice but 2 wks in she said I had a piss poor attitude. I said I've up'd my att, up yours & walked out. She never had me train her-- screwed!

When my grandfather retired (1980) he had a 10 hour recorded 8 track that played Take This Job And Shove It by Johnny Paycheck. The song played over and over for 8 hours straight.

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