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TEXT TOPIC: What is your PAT text?

Passive aggressive T. Dear mother in law thank u for respecting me when I asked you to stay away from my children due to that fact your strung out on METH!! oh wait you did the opposite. You snuck over when I'm at work... F U Linda

to the girls at work who are now making my life hell because I won't be part of ur gossip group I hope karma comes back and bites u in the ass, sitting at work crying all day because of rumors is not what I want

so you chew me and my now husband out for living together before marriage but we don't share your same values but now my brother and his fianc are living together and they do share your same values but yet you see nothing wrong with it. Double standard

move over. You don't know what the hell you are doing. You suck and our team is hurting because of you.

Hey boss please don't look around the office as soon as I tell you I'm leaving, you should've been a jerk every time I told you my kid was sick. #ByeFelicia

I'm the head of the training program at my office and the supervisors just keep hiring old people that I know will not do well. Now I'm stressed ??

To the person who flipped up the tire remnants into my grill and broke it this morning. Thanks! ??

mind yo business......wendy is the new karen.....your not a boss or quality control. Your productivity is less than most so worry about yourself wennndddyyy

to my in law who came to visit me and my baby knowing full well they had a cold... screw you. Don't expose my baby to germs that could put them in the hospital, and don't think I'll ever let you come again without asking every time that'd you're not sick.

sorry I look 18 but Im 24 and make 75k. Dont tell me I cant afford the house youre selling.

quit stalking me we broke up cuz ur a control freak I block u and then u come and bang on my front door wtf

Stop looking for reasons to make me the villain! I know I'm only the "step mom." I'm not trying to take your mom title away. Sheesh.

you judging me all the time really hurt it's like everything I do is wrong. I shouldn't have to turn my whole entire life around to meet your needs. I've been doing this on my own for years

My religion is not a cult! How is believing in a higher power & believing there is more to life than just living & dying a cult? Calling it that is ignorant and rude. Stop it. Please.

If you've checked out of the business, that's not my fault and that is why I'm leaving. I'm tired of running your business for you.

To my lead employee We have given you two raises this year. So prove you deserve it by pulling your actually weight. You are the team leader but always last out of the truck and the laziest

hey BOSS do something your team is sinking and you give no direction and have zero follow through maybe golf less when you're supposed to be working! I see you for what you are! Trash!

Hey Maria, since you are so damned involved in your friend Angie's life. Tell her to woman up and pay back her ex bf the $750 that she stole from him. You two are the reason why women get such a bad rep.

Look , the marriage is over and I don't remember a court order for spousal support, get a job, stop asking me for money and for once get a guy with a job and some goals...

STOP SCREWING WITH THE THERMOSTAT JOS! 75 is too F'ing warm. Leave it at 71 for f’s sake!!

hey ladies you say you want a good guy but then you push him away cause he is not giving you drama. So don't be surprised when he becomes an a hole to you.

When going to the neighborhood park or pool and clubhouse: use the huge parking lot that's RIGHT THERE!! Don't park in front of the house (mine) that's next to the park just alto save yourself a few steps. K thanks

I just want my ex to stop trying to argue with me about our kids. I got 50/50 custody 4 years ago when this all started love with it. move on with the person you cheated on me with. And let me move on without the drama

to the moron going 20 mph in a 35 in front of me right now, move! You obviously can't hear me yelling at you!

Mother in law- please no more passive aggressive comments. If you want to say something, be direct. Its more respectable.

Bro, you're not sick. Stop taking advantage of the company benefits. Let others who need it take advantage of it

HEY IDIOTS, just because your in the mountains, does not mean you can go around the corners as fast as you can. You almost hit my daughter on her 4wheeler. SLOW DOWN.

You aren't poor. You are lazy. It cost zero dollars to pull a weed. Zero dollars. Don't play the poor me card. It is free. Literally

We all know you don't work, and your husband pays for everything, including your recent tummy tuck and vacations! but does he know about your cheating tiktoks? stop acting like your life is perfect!

Hey dude, don't blame legislation for your kid getting covid. Your child is free to wear a mask if you want them to, also show me a little kid that leaves their masks alone.

you talk about being flexible and not being a micromanager but the 1 time I ask to leave early in the last 6 months, you say they're cracking down and it wouldn't be the best time. Way to send mixed signals.

Dear boss I told you 6 weeks ago I was leaving you now have 8 days left to train into my job and stop asking me to rethink staying you're the problem

HEY EYELINER! Look the same on both eyes please! I'm late

don't act surprised when fast food and restaurants and retail lose employees. We have our pick of places to work, so we're going to go where we can make money.

don't go to your OB's office coughing and say it's just a cold when you're not vaccinated and haven't been tested for covid! You're exposing all the other pregnant women and medical staff!

to the newwer bald ops manager. You're and a hole. Noone likes you. We actually hate you. Your racist and sexist

float staff at Huntsman Mental Health quit acting helpless and help the core staff out. Offer to help us out. Don't just watch us do all the work.

Dear corporate, if you're going to decide to not ship us supplies and then we run out of everything to make drinks a week later....that raise better be coming soon. An international coffee shop running out of everything including coffee beans doesn't have their crap together

hey husband, you are losing your wife. Degrading her and going on naughty sites will cause you to lose the most supportive and great wife

Dear covering manager...stop thinking you're better than us. When you first took over while our manager is out with a broken leg, you told us we all were terrible at our jobs. Even if we weren't the best, definitely not the pep talk we need

Quit cutting off trucks on the freeway! It takes longer for them to stop and you're going to get yourself a huge ticket from highway patrol or killed!

Hey cheated. You left and abandoned our kids. 4 years later, I'm not into. Stop giving me your "I wish" stories and the manipulation. Move on.

Alex we have been friends for a long time now. I've watched you bring woman after woman to introduce them to me. It's always the same story, it's always the same results. You should have stayed with Gabbie. She was good for you, but you didn't see it because she didn't put up with your shiZ. You gotta change, man.

Hey busy body neighbor He's my hubby! I give him honey do's not you. You have money, hire someone!! He doesn't have do your yard work! I don't like you!

dear director, don't tell me everyone is replaceable when I ask for a raise or promotion when every time I take PTO everyone freaks out cuz they don't want to take on my work to cover me & every time I train someone u end up giving me the work back cuz they can't do it. I can absolutely be replaced but u will struggle to get the quality of my performance. Just admit that even if I don't have a degree, I have the knowledge & I still can do the job

why hire someone, spent 3-4 months training them then now say you might get laid off because they're having a hard time justifying that the job is needed.

listen bitch from Oregon in front of me. If you don't go the speed limit I'm going to freak out. You don't belong behind the wheel if you can't even go the speed limit.

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