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TEXT TOPIC: Was your honeymoon a disaster?

my husband got food poisoning. Spent the whole week sick. He tried to take me to dinner one night I ended up eating alone.

My husbands x-girlfriend and her boyfriend just happen to be in Hawaii during our honeymoon, and decided we needed some company- literally followed us around most of the week- wanted to chat, and hang, and do all of the "WTF is happening RN" things! ???????? BTW, we're divorced now- go figure. ??????

My husband and I went to Cabo for our honeymoon and I got E. coli from the water. I was hospitalized and All sorts of sick if you know what I mean. I've always wondered what my poor husband thought being a newlywed taking care of his new wife in the bathroom for days but I learned that he's a great caretaker. Let's just say every time we've gone back to Mexico what's bottled water everything

My honeymoon sucked, male parts too big for female parts, too painful for her to continue. 10 years later our sex life is awful and marriage is hanging on by a thread.

Honeymoon I should have known on the first day of Honeymoon and he wanted to go to a movie and we saw fatal attraction

we did not have sex one time! My husband was "too tired"... were divorced now

My daughter got sick on her wedding night, threw up, and ended up in the emergency room with a gal bladder attack. Nothing says sexy like a hospital dress! ??

Got married in Hawaii the day before 911, wedding party stuck and could get back

My honeymoon was a disaster my ex-husband and I fought the whole time, he ended up punching a cement ottoman and broke his hand. Thank God we're divorced now.

My husband and I went to Maui on our honeymoon. The airlines lost all of my luggage. Finally got it 2 days into the honeymoon.

Got food poisoning on the first night. Not a fun way to start a new life together listening to me throw up all night

Went to lake Powell for our honeymoon. Every time we went to bed there would bugs crawling on our bed so I was so paranoid to fall asleep

didn't have sex one time the whole honeymoon...thank you Mormon shame culture.

Honeymoon wasn't a disaster but my wife started her period the day of our wedding.

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