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TEXT TOPIC: You accidently touch someone that you thought was your spouse?

we were at a family gathering. I totally goosed what I thought was my husband. As soon as I squeezed, I knew it wasn't him. It was my very proper and just so dad! I could have died!

my husband has wrapped his arm around my niece thinking it's was me... we look a lot a like.he was so uncomfortable. Me and her just laughed.

My hubby is built like his g-pa. I was at the kitchen counter prepping dinner. His grandpa came in and stood next to me. I cupped and goosed his butt. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! He just stared at me

We were at a club watching our friends dance. I thot my fiance was behind me and I moved back grinding in him and it was a friend. We both about died

my husband and I were at the Disney museum in San Fran and we were with a dear friend who looks similar to my hubby. Hubby and I were looking at separate displays. I thought I was next to hubby and locked arms with our friend. He just busted up laughing.

my now ex husband has smacked my friends but in this VERY SAME scenario as you, Frankie! Her and I laughed but he almost died! Lol

my sisters first husband grabbed my butt on their WEDDING DAY. I wasn't wearing white or a wedding dress FYI

I was at a reggae concert I saw who I thought was my girlfriend went behind her grabbed her butt really good next thing I'm getting a drink thrown in my face turned around and my girlfriend was looking crazy at me

A few years ago at the zoo, A guy grabbed my neck started rubbing/caressing it. I turned and his face was horrified! He apologized 20 times, said he thought I was his wife!

I was bent over in the back seat getting my sons car seat out of my sisters car when I feel a butt grab.. turn around and it's my sisters husband. He was super surprised to see me and not my sister?? we still laugh about it

I was at an in-laws wedding and we were helping clean up. I grabbed my brother in-laws butt thinking it was my husband. Everyone saw it happen, including my husband. I was mortified!

I was about 7-8 yrs old. My dad had taken us to some town fair or something big with lots of ppl. I stepped forward so could see the show on the stage. I linked my arm around the arm of who I thought was my dad.. leaned my head on his arm...THEN realized it wasn't my dad! Looked behind me, and my dad and step mom are almost on the ground laughing.

My mom thinking it was me reached over and squeezed my husband's butt on our wedding day during pictures

our friend went up behind my husband and rubbed his sides thinking it was her husband. We all died laughing and joke about it all the time

I've been married to my wife about four months and my wife's younger sister was sitting on the couch so I came up from behind and kissed her on the cheek and said love you babe and to my horror my sister-in-law Rachel turned around and said "oh awwwww I love you too" she just knew that I had made a mistake and started laughing. I have never been more embarrassed of my life.

my husband is an identical twin and his mom likes to buy him and his brothers the same clothes for Christmas. I saw an outfit my husband often wears from the back and went in for the back hug. Awkward

We were having dinner w/ my family and my husband started playing footsies w/ me. But it wasn't me, it was my mom, he was so embarrassed. We still laugh

Was grocery shopping with my mom and I'm used to being with my husband. My mom was standing there and I put my hand on her butt, like I do with my husband. Weirded both of us out. Lol

at a water park with fiends. Went up and grabbed what I thought was my husbands arm and kissed it... it was my friends husband. I was mortified!!

I was a lds missionary at a church meeting and one of the members came up behind me and wrapped their arms around me only to realize it wasnt her husband

I was at my in laws for dinner. While I was talking to someone, I felt someone come in for a side hug. I didn't look up and put my hand on his butt thinking it was my hubby. Nope!! It was his dad. Awkward!

hubby and I were in wendover, I went up to him and put my arm around him and asked how he was doing. It wasn't him but a total stranger. I couldn't apologize enough and walked away totally embarrassed

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