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TEXT TOPIC: What happened over the weekend?

Flew back from Hawaii on Saturday :(

I blew 2000 in wendover this weekend and spent the night the next morning I played 100 and got a jackpot of 4K I'm never gambling lol

Finished the "your own backyard" podcast. Sooo good!

Went to Iowa and watch my youngest boy play in his first college football game as a freshman it was amazing

4 year old had his first ever soccer game... he had the time of his life!

built a gaming pc with my 14 year old over the weekend, and then traumatized him when he walked into my room when me and my wife were having alone time before bed

Bear lake summer wrap up!

I went to Zion this weekend for my little cousin wedding!

watched my son play baseball and packed for our trip! To Wyoming!

I made a seven course meal for my daughter's 16th birthday on Friday for her and 11 of her friends.

im 40 years old and found out that Im pregnant. Feeling blessed!

got my shed bolt for my knife smithing shop

my soul mate asked me to be her boyfriend, then we had crazy sexy time. I'm sore this morning.

I bought a new car on my own. After leaving my husband of 20+ years. I'm doing it on my own! Woot woot!!!

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