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TEXT TOPIC: Who are you jealous of and why?

I'm jealous of my girlfriend's family, they get to see her way more than I do. I'm lucky if I get to see her once a month.

hubs is getting promotions. We work @ the same place. Im happy for him but when I'm working extra hours it makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong

My coworker. Out of the blue she seems to be the new golden child. She's not nice but knows how to play people so everyone just fawns over her.

I am so jealous of a lady at work who is leaving our team at work. I wish so badly it was me. I've been at my job toooooo long.

I'm jealous of my low life sister who lives in my parents basement and drives my parents vehicles for being pregnant and me and my husband have been trying for months.

Jelly of anyone who has parents that are financially resp.&has a good relationship w siblings.

i'm jealous of couples who are starting their families.

I'm jealous of my best friend. She's living a great life traveling and living on her own and I'm at home still while still going to school and living at home.

jealous of my brother and sister. They both got to love out of state and make oodles of money. While I work twice as hard teaching but make half of what they do.

jealous of the last 5 people that have got a job over me because they "knew someone and were more qualified " even tho I've worked here In the position basically doing there job for 5-10 years

jealous of our secretary that is now in Hawaii. Im your assistant, I need to be there too! Enjoy great lady!

I'm jealous of my sister and her cute little family. I am single and have a great life and career, but some days I would give it all up to have what she has.

Jealous of my best friend. He makes over 6 figures has a big beautiful house just married a guy who makes good money They have access to cabins and timeshares and have family that do all kinds of things together

My friend Stephenie who is in Cancun right now for her birthday. You guys know her from when she used to live here and stalk at Sundance. But she's having a blast

Jealous of everyone able to buy a house right now

I get jealous of my sisters. We are all close, but two of them do things together and I wish they would invite me too.

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