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TEXT TOPIC: What nickname did you get as a kid that you just can't shake?

my nickname was Boozy or Boozen Susan when I was younger I was the only one out of my friends who had a nickname even though we all got drunk & did dumb things. I don't like it as an adult.

I used to play with trains and my Mom liked how cute it was when I'd make the horn sound. She still calls me Woo Woo. ??

my nick name was she she... when I bump into old friends they still call me that

boober cuz i always cried everything

my name is aubrie and my grandma still calls me aubs lu poo??

my nickname was Gooch. I told someone in 5th once and they just started laughing. Fast forward to 7th grade I found out what it means. I told my fam only my parents call call me that anymore. They changed it to Goo. Turns out my mom only now found out why

when I get annoyed at my older siblings they call me lanceypoo and bop my nose and they'll do that in public it gets me heated lmao

Growing up my cousins and sibling called me Wee Wee. They couldn't pronounce my name. Now my nieces and nephews are starting to call me it as well. I'm 23.

My name is Natalie. When I was a child my parents played around with my name and started calling me Natskully. It turned in to just SKULLY. I'm 31 and they still call me SKULLY. I don't feel very feminine answering to that name.

my dad has called me pooh bear or poohbie my entire life. Can't shake it but I know I'll miss it when he's gone.

When I was little I used to suck on two fingers and make squeaking noises, so my dad would call me squeaky all growing up. When he calls me now (I'm 34) he still says "Hey, Squeak!" In front of people!

my name is Jessica and my nickname has always been Caca. I'm sure we all know what the word means in Spanish ?? it's great...??

my mom called me Sugar Booger cuz I was a boogery baby - I hate it when she still does it....

Nick name of Patsis sister... I would run into people who knew me and my sister and they always call me that..I have corrected them many times.. My name is Rachaelann and no I won't tell her you said hi

Im almost 22 and my dad has called me Pookie for as long as I remember. Sometimes he shortens Pook. I ask him not to call me that in front of my friends haha

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