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TEXT TOPIC: What happened to at the house party?

I was 17 maybe 18 when I went to a party at an apartment at my friends. My plan was to sleep over but the party was caught by the cops and I was not under the influence and I jumped off a second story balcony

sister threw a party in my parents brand new house and a drunk kid took off and flattened the brick mailbox. I also threw a party and someone punched a hole in the wall. My parents are saints

Daughters BF house in SoJo. One person bright a gun had a beef with another guest. Shot three people, one died. Horrific experience for all these kids. No gang affiliation, not a drug house, just kids having a holiday gathering.

7yrs ago my parents went to Cali w my younger siblings and left my bro & I bc we worked. I went out w my friends that Sat, when I got home our house was like a scene from project x. The night ended w ppl fighting and almost killing some

at party when 17, girls got in fight they were kicked out 5 min later drive by shooting, i jumped out window to get away

When I was in high school I threw a party while my parents were out of town. There were so many people there drinking and doing drugs, it just got out of hand. A fight broke out over gang affiliations and beef ...later that night some of them came back and shot up my house in retaliation thinking the people they were fighting lived there. My parents came home to their house sprayed with bullet holes and shells everywhere!!! Needless to say I never threw a party again and didn't leave my house for a months!!!! This was in taylorsville.

my sister was living in my parents old house before it sold. This was the night she started meth. The party lasted days since my parents lived in st George and she was in Orem. She didn't pay her dealer and he slashed giant holes in our couches with a knife, they threw someone through a wall and knocked out the entire wall, stole my moms check books and spent thousands, tons of drug paraphernalia left offer, it was a mess and ruined the house and furniture. My parents had to lower the asking price and lost a ton of money in many ways.

my bf got in a fight with someone else at a house party up by east High. The fight got broken up but my bf's car got keyed. He was pissed but wasn't sure who did it so he snuck back in to the party and stole everyone's right shoe. It was December lol. So it sucked for everyone.

I had a house party for my birthday. Bunch of gang members showed up, fights broke out, my friend got so drunk that they stripped down naked and ran around the neighborhood and was picked up by the police and brought back

My brother threw a party and they were drinking and possibly doing drugs one of his friends lived up the hill from us, after the party that friend went home killed his mom, grandmother and sisters and set the house on fire he went on the run for years, my brother blamed himself for a long time.

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