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TEXT TOPIC: What did you say that got ya a ticket?

I was 18 and mad about being pulled over, when the cop asked, do you know why I stopped you? I said, no but I'm sure you're about to tell me. I got a tix

I was about 17 out late I had to be home before my dad got up at 4. Speeding pulled over, told the cop I live a block away I had to potty really bad. He said ok I'll follow you home & by the time you get done going potty I'll have your ticket ready.

having a power hungry cop.I asked him nicely why I was getting ticket in the accident and he impounded my truck since it was just out of registration

got pulled over on my way to school drop off dressed in "retirement" costume (straw hat, Hawaiian shirt, white nose) in January and holding a coconut cup in the middle of winter (spirit day volunteer) tried dropping my kids DARE officer's name. Didn't work, checked coconut for alcohol.

when I was a cop I pulled over this girl and she said I thought you don't give cute girls tickets I said we don't and gave her a ticket

I got pulled over for speeding by my house on my way to work and ticket Tom pulled me over! I basically told him to F off he handcuffed me and took me to the Davis County Jail! I was there for about an hour. Yes got a ticket!

I wasn't trying to make a joke but I told the cop I felt sorry for his wife. Yes I went to jail

Pulled over on Washington Blvd as a teen for racing and the cop asked why were you going so fast? I said did you not just see that, I won the race!!! He said let me tell you what your prize is...I almost lost my license for that one!

rolled through a stop sign, when the cop asked do you know why I pulled you over, my reply because you were board. Still got a ticket.

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