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TEXT TOPIC: What is something you have to eat everyday?

I HAVE TO HAVE MY PEPSI OR MOUNTAIN DEW every morning! First thing I do before I even go to the bathroom. Go to the fridge, pop one open and feel that yummy, cold deliciousness hit my mouth and empty tummy. Yum ??

hey guys, I have to have a butter pecan ice cream cone every night. And it has to be Kroger brand.

I eat a rice crispy treat for breakfast everyday and a salad sometime throughout the day.

My oldest lived on peanut butter and honey sandwiches, she would ONLY eat pb sandwiches for lunch, for YEARS!

I eat popcorn every day and have for as long as I can remember. Microwave kind, at least 1 bag/day or more.

Food I have to eat every day. Dah, chocolate and/or carbs??

I eat 3 uncrustables every single day. 2 grape and 1 strawberry

I eat vlassic dill pickles everyday. I love them so much!

I finally kicked the habit after about a year but McDonald's hashbrowns I had to have daily.

My friends eats a soy chocolate protein bar for breakfast daily. But also has a pb sandwich, Teddy Graham's & a quesadilla at least 4-5 days a week!

for the past 2 years every morning I have a PB & J uncrustable as I head out the door to work. Might explain why my wife calls me and says our kids are always hangry in the morning because daddy eats them all.

My coworker has the same lunch five days a week which is a turkey sandwich on white bread with lays potato chips he never berries its the same thing for the last 10 years that Ive known him

golden Oreo thins. I have to eat like 4 every evening. Don't know why but it's something I have to do to go to bed. Ha ha ha

Dark chocolate baby! Every day!

I went to college with someone who absolutely HAD to have 5 bowls of cereal a day. Spread throughout the day. He was not okay without it

My coworker eats FISH everyday! He will meal prep over the weekend and bring leftover Fish to reheat in our community microwave

turkey and havarti cheese with butter and miracle whip and honey Bbq chips gaa as be to have my gummy bears brand is albanese and my Dutch bros coffee tuxedo freeze every day

it's called food jags And I do I have the exact same lunch every day. Also have to have my exact same treats/snacks and coffee drives my family nuts!!

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