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TEXT TOPIC: Has someone exposed themselves to you?

in 6th grade on my way to school a guy exposed himself jacking himself off to me and a friend, also was exposed to at the age of 8 by a tv anchor

I was getting my nails done. The salon had a large window and I was sitting facing the window. A guy came up to the window and started going at it in front of the window. We called the cops.

when I was younger my dad caught a guy outside of my older sisters window trying to peek in, he was naked and playing with himself, the guy definitely wasn't feeling good after that encounter and was a arrested and sentenced to jail time. She was 14 at the time

I was 16 and riding in my friend's car with her in West Valley by Kmart and a station wagon was following slowly on the side of us, we looked over and an overweight, dirty, sloppy guy had his junk out and was jacking off staring at us so he was sure we saw him. We screamed and drove off.

Me and my friend were driving downtown to see this guys to hang out and we were stopped at a red light, on the right side there were houses, a door opens an some tall, skinny, guy walks outside standing on his porch completely naked and waved at us. We were like WTF???

yes back in 1979 I was running near University of Utah in a secluded area and got exposed so scary I just picked up my pace and prayed that he wouldn't come after me

walking around downtown before the Edie Brickell concert when I was eight years old a guy pulled it out in front of me and my friend

I was working as a teller at the drive up and I walked to help what I thought was a customer nope! He had nothing on from the waste down, then apparently he left our bank and they caught him at another bank drive up! Sick people!

I was cruising state street with my girls. When a car came up along side of us and he would lean back as far as he could to show us he was playing with his wang. Stayed by us all the way up the street.

man exposure: 1st was my mom's boyfriend when he was driving I was in the passenger seat when I was 12 and then a stranger when I was 13 at a truck stop. Both times I wasn't sure what I was looking at.

on a beach in FL watching sunrise a man walking towards me had d out hard on.AaaaK! Ewe Ick! Why, why why

I work for a laser hair removal company and we had a guy that kept going from one location to another dropping their pants in the lobby. He tried to use the excuse to see if he was treatable.

Driving dow I-15. Just left a homecoming and a man was next to me and he was taking care of business. I felt so violated .

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