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TEXT TOPIC: What is your PAT text?

Having insurance does not equate to getting a raise. Why does this company think so?

U run into my vehicle. I have no insurance & U say it's not ur fault?

PAT I15 North goes from 4 lanes to 3 then stays 3 f’ing go. Don't know why it stops everyday.

Just because your daughter is fat, lazy and is unable/no desire to do any type of activity doesn't mean the rest of us have to stop hiking, biking, or basically any type activity that requires movement

You're the teacher, TEACH. I can't run the entire class while you complain that kids aren't at the level you hoped. They are special needs, don't be a jerk.

I don't do drugs because I have 11 tattoos. And you know about them, but thanks for telling me I am a druggie, mom.

Anything Kardashian/Jenner related. I can't stand that family. I love ya Jess, but I cringe with Frankie when they're mentioned. They cause their own drama. Too much for me.... lol. Love ya guys!!


Stop playing games! You know the kids are mine too and have been since they were born! Sign the f'ing papers!! Do the right thing for once in your life! A parent isn't always the one who gave birth!

Hey ding bag parents dropping kids off at school. We are all late and needing to be somewhere. I let you through and you BUTT at ton of other parents. Quit being so self entitled! Just be kind!

Dude- I asked you out and you flat out told me no. So excuse me for not saying hi to you when I saw you next. You knew who I was and you ignored me too. Grow up. You lost out! (Hair flip)

hubby we are both sick. You have been resting for 3 days. How about get up help with the kids and let me rest for an hour

hey family, yeah my kid came out as trans. If you can't still love and support them, we're done.


hey Katelyn, just because you're too pathetic to get your own man doesn't mean you can go after mine

To my Karen neighbor , STOP BEATING YOUR DOG . He's just a puppy he doesn't know better

If we make plans and you don't show up don't complain that you have no friends

Your pathetic attempt to make me look bad and say I was getting high at work really did me a favor II was able to prove you were a liar is iron and you just made yourself look even dumber

Employers don't judge me on my background. I stood up to my abusive ex-bf & he wasn't convicted from the continuous abuse he did to me. I am a good worker

Hey Amanda, you are a stepping stone. Even though she's the ex wife, they are still best friends and that's not going to change. It's no one's fault but your own if your feelings are hurt. You knew exactly what you were walking in & he told you exactly what he wanted. A friend w benefits nothing more. You can't get mad, you can't get jealous. You're not his girlfriend.

Hey middle aged guy, when you stop in the through lane, thanks for flipping me off when I lightly honked at you to move so you didn't cause an accident because you wanted to cross all the lanes to make a left hand turn.

your local garbage man here, please space your containers apart. I know that they look so nice in front of your house all close together but it's inefficient for US garbage men and women. Thanks!!

hey boss, grow a pair and tell the person what they're doing instead of letting one or two ruin a good thing for all of us!!!

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