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TEXT TOPIC: Date yourself by telling us a concert you've been to?

American Idol Season 2 tour with Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard

Corey Hart "Sunglasses at night tour"

Depeche Mode

Whitesnake concert, for I believe it was their Whitesnake album tour??? It was 1990, but I was only 9 so I'm not terribly dating myself...or am I?? Don't answer that!!!

1991 Guns & roses with Skid Row! Salt Palace... I was 15!!

Concerts- My friends and I were just talking about this Saturday night. We remember seeing bands like Tesla, Pearl Jam, up at Park West. Multiple bands at the Zephyr. Train , Lit, Depeche Mode at DV8. Candlebox multiple times at The Salt Air. Also Aerosmith & Jackyl at the Delta Center. So many great shows over the years! Thanks! Alex

Concert Midnight Star.

Tag Team at Classic Fun Center. Woomp there it is! ??

I was worried they were going to cancel the Backstreet Boys concert cuz of the tornado that hit the delta center

Paula Abdul

38 Special

Billy Ocean I saw him at Park West in in 1987

went to Hannah Montana and the Jonas brothers! Like their first ever tour.

Blink 182 when Tom was still in the band! Lol

Tears for Fears in provo

Tim Mcgraw & Faith Hill before they were married.

Janet Jackson at the Delta Center. Early 90s. Went with a friend and "babysitter". We brought roses to throw on stage.

my very first concert was Panic! At The Disco at The Venue for my 16th birthday

first 2 up in smoke concerts

Howard Jones at wolf mountain park city

The Monkees baby!!

New kids on the block in 1988

Christopher Cross! Saw him in college at Utah State!

Crystal Gayle and Kenny Rogers with my grandparents at the SL fairgrounds

1974 Bo Donaldson and the hey woods with blue suede

Beach Boys @ Lagoon.....early 80's

Hilary Duff so yesterday tour lol like 2004

U2 360 Tour first concert 2011 at rice Eccles I was 18

saw beach boys in 02, Backstreet Boys 98&01, **NSYNC in 99

Oingo Boingo

Milli Vanilli and Howard Jones. Not together.

Creed! 99 or 2000

Cadillac Michigan/KISS concert at high school. Brothr playd football. Team had a play named after band. Kiss heard and came to put on concert. I'm thinking my brothers were in 9th or 10th. I was in 7th or 8th. Yeah. You can look it up on line. COOL!

Judas Priest at the Salt Palace

9" nails in the nineties

Sean Kingston up at Utah State

Adam and the Ants. 1982 or 83

Backstreet Boys Millennium Tour October of '99.

Thompson Twins

Tiffany and Erasure, different shows, at salt palace late 1980s

Neal Diamond at the old Salt Palace!! Late 70's?? ??????

Jessica Simpson

rage against the machine in Spanish fork.

Quiet riot


1986 Bon Jovi and Cinderella

Bryan Adam's in the early 90's at the Salt Palace. It was my first concert

The Bee Gees 79

ozzy slaughter abs ugly kid joe.


Tina Turner, rick Springfield, DIO

Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation Tour. 1989?

Bad Company, Reo Speedwagon, ZZTop, Billy Squire, just to mention a couple. pretty much all 80 Rock Bands!

*NSYNC at the state fairgrounds

Alabama and Boyz II Men

Rush, moving pictures, early 80's in Washington

Offspring in 1998 at the E-center. Their opener was the mighty mighty boss tones.

Shaun Cassidy @ the Salt Palace (daddy/daughter date)

Cindy Lauper, back when she was big

Boyz 2 Men before they hit it big

my first concert was Bobby Sherman I was 7 years old. I have seen Chicago, Seals and Crofts, Jethro Toll, America, Earth Wind and Fire so many in my 60 years

2014 Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, Nothing More, and Sixx Am. What a great show to start with. Now I've seen Breaking Benjamin every year since expect 2020 and 2021.

Neil Diamond at the Salt Palace.

I'm so dang old ?? the village people. Have a great day

billy Joel was my first concert at the delta center.

No Doubt the spiderweb tour with Weezer opening

Ambrosia, and captain and tenille

REO speed wagon.

Kenny Logins


Michael Bolton w Celine dion as the opener!

Elvis Presley and Glen Campbell in Houston in the seventies


The Who Tempe AZ 1982 stood on stacks of plastic cups in order to see over the sea of people

Ricky Martin! 1999 @ delta, I was 18. Loved it

prince, bee gees, moody blues

black sabbath born again with Ian Gillan


All American Rejects and Boys Like Girls in 2008. I was 15

In 1969 Iron Butterfly at Salt Palace. Hated the music. Went with boyfriend. He acquired free tickets from a radio station.

Journey and stix

Garth Brooks 92 my first concert

Joan Jett and the black hearts and the B52s opened. The B52s were booed off the stage

1996 radiohead. Was 17 at saltair

Air Supply 1984

Whitney Houston 1986 at the huntsman center. She was my first concert. Amazing concert ??

credence Clearwater revisited

Weird Al at the Fair Grounds

Ambrosia, and captain and tenille

Air supply in the early eighties. I can't remember where it was.... An outdoor venue in SLC. Also, I worked at Lagoon as a teenager so I saw a lot of concerts there. Saw the Monkees there and literally bumped into Davy Jones in the breakroom of the maintenance building.

1997 I was 16 & saw Joan Osborne at Saltair

Barenaked Ladies when they came during the Olympics here

Poison 1991 in Reno.

Merle Haggard and Roy Orbison

Tiffany at Valley Fair mall!! Now I'm in her music video!

Kenny logins in Park city

Richard Marx

Digital underground at state fair grounds

the Judds, maybe 1988 or 1989...

Britney Spears at the state fair

B52s with ziggy Marley Wolf mountain


Marty Robbins in the late 70's??. Missed a BTO concert in the mid 80s because the car broke down

1984. Barry Manilow when I was 13 with my mom and her friends. We stalked his hotel for a couple hours.

journey, blue oyster cult and triumph 1 day in 1 venue!! The original music festival. ??

Evanescence at SaltAir in 2003 when I was 20.

Blink 182 2000

Fleetwood Mac in 96, I was 16

Rod Stewart


BB King at Wolf Mountain

usher in 98

Motley Crue at the Power Plant early 90s.

Eagles... At Rio Tinto in 2009.

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