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TEXT TOPIC: What did you buy that wasn't for sale?

my 86 blazer wasn’t for sale until someone offered me 26k. Almost cried was he drove away...

I found a property up emigration canyon! Prime Real Estate. I waited for an hour and strangely the owner drove up to the property. So I began negotiating, he told me it wasn't for sale, by the time we were done talking he had agreed to sell it to me! ---it was 3 acres, no one could build around the home. The older gentleman wanted to see a younger resin up in Emigration Place. So I got it for under 259k

My son was about 5-6 fell in love with an old truck in a field, watch it for years, never moved. He turned 16 I approached the guy and he had gotten offers for it for over 20 years but said it should be my boys. 66 Ford and is in love!!

owned a very rare Civil War rifle. Guy said I'll give you 15 grand said double it you have a deal

no weeknd here but bought a co do in st George about 18 months ago. Not for sale but people offered over and over for months this past spring until we finally sold it and doubled our money.

Utah, bought home for 280k, got offered 500k 1 year later cash offer!!!

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