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TEXT TOPIC: Did you lie to get a job?

my recruiter hooked me up with a job making what I needed to live here (pre-covid that is) $6.50 an hour more than my last job, just did they need someone that knows v- lookup and pivot tables on excel. Oh ya totally know how to do that! I actually had only seen it done. Been here a year and have not used it once lol

I lied and said I had a high school diploma, ended up going back and finishing my diploma a few years forward 15 yrs later, I am in a senior leadership position

I lied when I said I knew how to drive a stick shift. one night to learn, got the basic idea but I struggled and grinder those gears for about a week. I was delivering and picking up parts and I even left my parking break on and someone had to tap on my window to tell me because I kept killing it when trying to reverse.

I lied and said I knew excel. I learned the basics in the week leading up to my new job, but 3 weeks in I'm figuring it out as I go.

my son was 15 and really wanted to start working, he applied at a fast food restaurant saying he was 16. Fast forward a year later, it was his birthday (finally 16) and his boss walked up to him and says happy birthday.... you're not 17 are you? But my son was such a great employee that his boss just laughed it off and was shocked he didn't catch it earlier.

I needed a summer job before going off to college, I told the place I applied for the job that i wasn't leaving when school started! But I was moving to school in the fall! When i quit, he was PISSED!!

I lied and said I was a veterinarian technician to get a vet tech job I wanted when I was 20. I had worked at a boarding facility but knew very little about the medical side. I got the job and it led me to 12 years of being a vet tech. I ended up leaving because they don't pay well but I always felt like catch me if you can.

I had a supervisor hire his nephew behind company's back, he cracked a forklift battery open hazmat was called and he was fired

I lied and said I had finished my bachelors degree, but have not. I passed the background check so this is on them. I've since worked my way up to running the department making over 100k.

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