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TEXT TOPIC: Why are you jealous of your spouse?

right before utah changed the law, my hubby and I went to a concealed carry class. We were watching the permits in the mail very closely. Finally we both got our letters. I was approved and he wasn't! He was so pissed! Lol Mr. I'm good/win at everything! HA I got one and you were DENIED! LOL LMAO

jealous of my girl because she can eat whatever she wants and never gain a pound. If I eat a chocolate bar my butt jiggles for a whole week lol

Good thing we both have a good sense of humor about me being a BRAT!! We love each other and are both team players! We really enjoy working together. ??

jealous husbands working out and looks amazing he turned into a muscle head. Me pregnant and getting fat and not able to work out

My husband is good at everything. Sewing cooking. Athletic. Welding, he built our house. He is amazing. At least I had an amazing credit score when we got together. He had nothing.

My husband is jealous that people think I am funny. He is more of the shining star and super charismatic. I am an introverted extrovert so it takes a while for me to come out of my shell. He gets mad when people get to know me they tell him how funny I am and how much they like me. He tells me I am stealing his shine.

i'm jealous of my husband's 20/20 vision with no corrective surgery or anything ever in his life!

YES! I've been jealous of my hubs before, he is so charismatic. He can make friends with anyone anywhere anytime. It's easy for him. (I also love that very much about him) And we can do all the healthy stuff together, diet and exercise, and HE loses weight... and I struggle.

I'm jealous the dogs love her more than me

jealous that my hubby couldn't care less about what people think. What you see is what you get.. Wish I could not be so worried about others

I applied to grad school for a profession multiple times and didn't get in. My husband is in that profession and sometimes it's hard for me to not be jealous. I have a dif degree now but still

Me & Hubs do same job & both applied for a promo. He got it I didn't. I kept giving underhanded compliments - obviously bitter! Later got the same promo oddly enough he did the same thing I did & would laugh at me!!! He was truly happy for me. I was a punk! We still tease about it. It's been 9 yrs

My husband is jealous that I can draw firm boundaries with family or friends. He is unable to do the same and gets upset with me about it.

I'm jealous that he eats like an animal and doesn't gain a pound, me on the other hand, I gain 5 by only looking. I hate that!

used to golf with ex and after I kept beating him, he didn't want to play any more

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