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TEXT TOPIC: Three things you can't live without

1. Wind in my face when I drive 2. Music in my car when I drive. 3. Large #1 single w/out pickles and a Dr Pep

1. Central 2. Air 3. Conditioning

The 3 things I can't live without.. Coffee Hairspray Arnold Palmer/vodka????

Utah utes football,my truck,beer

I don't know where the fuck call mom came from stupid talk text

Thc, my TV shows, alcohol

lotion, chapstick and music

traveling, FOOD, and my MaryJane

can't live without golf Mountain Dew and BYU football

Chicken Alfredo, Bravo TV and vodka

Copy and Paste, the F word, and Sun joy's (Chick-fil-A's version of an Arnold Palmer)

Totally off topic, but can you please tell me the name of the caterer that you guys are always raving about?

Watching sports, blueberry muffins, iced coffee with a splash of whole milk

3 things I can't live without: my bike (cyclist), Costa Vida, heating pad/blanket. I'm always cold

Coffee, painting and affection

coffee. My cup is in my hand by 7a every day, if I have a headache at noon hubby knows I haven't had coffee yet - that addict life

3 things I can't live with out, is my Sony alpha camera, passport since I travel and my MacBook Pro for editing photos.

chapstick! Floss! And Pokmon go:)

cat, milk, kleenex, chapstick

Three things I can't live without call mom sex, marijuana and taking showers

1. Books 2. Music 3.Art

I can't live without my pickup truck, caffeine and camping

Pizza Fall season Work( work gives me purpose and I love my co workers)

3 things I can't live without are sex, alcohol and tacos. Lol

Be clear on your choice. What do you want? ~Motivational Massage

let's see... Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper and oh yeah. Dr Pepper

cannot live without : red lipstick, traveling, YOU GUYS!!!

chocolate, coffee, and camping

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