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TEXT TOPIC: What happened when you left your kids home alone?

left my son and 2 friends home alone while I went to neighbors. Came home to my kitchen flooded for an indoor slip n slide

When I was a kid, I was babysitting my siblings and my brother (who was 2) jumped off the piano and broke his leg!

1st x my parents let me watch my bro & sis in England, my sis injured her eye on a rope swing. She split her eyebrow & no 1 would take us to the hospital.

when my daughter was about 12 she had a pogo stick the # 1 rule do not jump on it in the house..we went to dinner and she was jumping on it in the house and fell and the handle went through the tv

When I was a kid, my dad sometimes left me and my sister home alone for a short time. I bathed my little sister in the toilet. I also I poured his ground coffee all over the house and played in it like a sandbox. I also remember changing my own diaper once... I was a weird ass kid.

the first time my now teenager stayed home alone with a friend. There was a freak thunderstorm and a neighbor knocked on the door to drop something off. The kids turned off all the lights and hid them kept scaring themselves with every noise cause it was dark and stormy.

My husband and I went to dinner for out Anniversary left my 13 yrs old in charge of my 4 yr old well we came home and our bedroom door is shut open the door and the bed is like leaning the mattress is kind of side ways well they been jumping on it and it was a log bed broke! But they didn't do it...right! ??

at 11 was held up by some gang members in my backyard

my brother got me stuck in a couch bed

i was babysitting my baby sister ate super glue and ended up having to call ambulance to take her to the hospital but forgot to leave a note

my grandma was at relief society mtg. Inside the house and my dad and uncle played gas station with all the cars that were at the house. With the hose and rocks in the gas tank. Yikes ??

left 6yo home to run to neighbors. Came home to what looked like blood on walls. It was peanut butter, somehow looked red at first in the evening sunlight.

mom left is at home so she could get a coke. We were making ice tray popsicles. I was in charge of cutting the sticks in half. The scissors slipped and I sliced my finger. Had to get stitches. I was 7 or 8.

Went to work left my 4 kids home my son was 14yrs he shot a straight pin threw a straw into my 10yrs chest right into his heart cavity. Every time his heart beat it moved closer to his heart. So after a 4hr surgery needless to say I was pissed

at home alone 13 making dinner while opening green beans cut the meat of finger to bone. Bleeding everywhere went next door to get friend to call my mom for me and dripped blood on their floor his dad made him clean blood up before being able to help me. Then mom make me as 13 yr man walk into ER with maxipad wrapped around bloody finger.

my parents were at work while my 2 brothers and I were left at home. One brother was 15, the other was 9, and I was 7. The 9 year old and me were messing around and I fell face first into a glass coffee table while my oldest brother was on the phone with my mom. Split my lip open completely all the way open to my right nostril. There was blood everywhere and my mom had to rush home from work.

left my 10 year old home. She took her sisters car around the block and crashed it in our driveway into my husband's work truck and my suburban. Totalled 2 of the 3. We went from 4 vehicles to 1 driveable!

My new TV cracked when 15 & 17 year olds were home alone. They said it just cracked, turns out it was a known issue where the Samsungs would just crack from heat but I swore they were lying

Oldest brother was babysitting one night while mom was out, another brother & I were playing hide & seek, I hid on the top of a book shelf and fell when trying to get down. Broke my shoulder in 3 spots, but my oldest bro didn't want to call mom so he propped my arm with tons of pillows over night

my cat had kittens, a few of which weren't alive when they came out. We were 10, 12, 8, and 6.

my little brother and his 2 friends ( ages 4,5 ,6 ) were playing with matches in the bushes in front of the elementary school. Lit the bushes on fire and then the school caught on fire. He ran home and hid under the bed and called my mom at work. He asked her if he would be in trouble if he saw a fire!!! The fire damaged part of the kindergarten room and a little of the 1st grade room. The beams in the kindergarten room still have black burn marks on the top them 40 years later. Our whole family did community service at the school all summer long and my dad did some new construction on the playground.

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