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TEXT TOPIC: The strangest or most embarassing thing you did for money?

when we were young my older brother would have us go door to door and pretend that we were earning money for a soccer fundraiser. He would have me talk since I was younger than him, about 10, and a cute girl. We sold my moms cookies. Haha

I am an egg donor. That is the strangest way I've made money. I made $20,000.

When I first graduated high school I sold mary jane. It helped me pay for my higher education. Don't regret it.

I have a sugar daddy. I don't have a real job. Love this lifestyle. Livin' Large--usually pocket around $10,000 every month from what he pays me--We've been together for 6 years now. When we first started it was just a friendship, now we are a couple.

I didn't think it would ever be a romantic relationship, he is 13 yrs old than me. I am mature for my age though.

my mom used to pay me ten cents per gray hair I'd find when I combed her hair. One sitting I made almost 3$

I sell feet pics make $1000 a month

made money by wearing a pair of socks for 4 days than I sold them for $50

When I was 19 (1988).... I was paid $1000 to drive a package to Las Vegas....I didn't ask what was in it....met a guy in a park in Vegas.....still don't know what was in it!

When I was 16 I got paid to go into gas stations and ask for cigarettes to see if they would give them to me without ID. I had to be wired, I felt like a secret agent??

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