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TEXT TOPIC: Do you want to apologize to a teacher from your past?

I would like to say sorry to my 4th grade elementary school teacher Miss Draper from Dee School in Ogden in 1987. I was in trouble for talking so she made me stay after and write 100x "I will not disrupt the class". I wrote it 99 time and the last one o wrote "I f-ing hate you!" I am so sorry I was a jerk, you were the best!

I want to apologize to mrs. Swan. She was my fifth grade teacher. I want to apologize for putting a tack on your chair. I am 55 years old and still bothers me that I did that.

13 yrs ago art teacher at Ogden high i was so rude to him talked back he even took me out to talk to me and i didn't care then idk how i wasn't embarrassed of my actions then

I want to apologize to Mr. bodily, my 9th grade geometry teacher at Riverview jr hi. I was a jackass & made comments about the bumps he had on his arms and he got offended, understandably so. I felt bad all these years later

Sorry professor sunny, you were way too hot to be teaching junior and senior high school boys chemistry

My 10th grade English teacher. Sorry I laughed when you read the mean comment someone in our class wrote to you about your sweater.

As a Jr high we made fun of our science teacher and he had bad ticks sorry Mr Bendendorf

3rd grade teacher Ms. Cambell....Im sorry I told the whole class you were full of Campbell's chicken noodle soup....and put a tack on your chair and told the kids to watch the soup spray out of your butt ??????? My husband is a teacher and vice principal now and knowing what teachers truly go through... wow I am so so sorry.

I actually already wrote a formal apology to the teacher but in college I was horrible I wrote an assessment of her class and basically said that she was the worst teacher ever had and how I wouldn't wish this class on it my worst enemy I'm Sorry Miss Purvis

Hunter Junior High, Mrs Rain for American history. She was sweet but firm and we had kids who would bully her in class, calling her "Rainy Betty" to her face and just being a-holes. I still feel bad to this day that I didn't defend her

I told a very bad joke to my third grade teacher. the joke what has 2 nuts and makes a girl fat. Almond joy. She called my mom

I'd like to apologize to my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs Miyake....sorry for constantly looking up your dress! Nice thong!

I am sorry to my 8th grade teacher Mrs becnal I knew you had high expectations for me in high school and I fail you in 11th grade when you were my teacher again and I called you feeble and told you that your husband needed viagra to pleasure you

Mr. Davis I'm sorry I cheated on all of your Spanish tests but you should change the order of the questions from the pre test??

In jr high there was a sub, Ms. Goatsmanava. She believed dinosaurs live in the center of the earth. So if we got her on that topic, we never had to work. Sorry for talking about dinosaurs and making fun of your beliefs, Ms. G!

I wanna say sorry to my English teacher my senior year. I was mean to her and said awful things. Sadly she passed away and I feel horrible

sorry to ms Gloria. I didn't mean to steal all your pencils. Idk what I was thinking.

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