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TEXT TOPIC: Who is your cheap friend?

my bestie! can't take him anywhere. He’ll bargain on prices at the mall or he'll breakdown a meal to see if he can get it cheaper so embarrassing

My BFF is so cheap! Every time we hang out she wants food of some kind. Every time, I'm the one who pays, she goes dead silent when we get the bill

At the movie theater I pull used popcorn buckets from the trash and use it for free refill.

My mom's cousin would initiate a dinner and when we would get there they would have a buy one get one free coupon. She would always have to pay the full price and they would get the free one versus splitting the cost

My biggest pet peeve with cheap friends, when they charge you to the cent on Venmo. When I pay for things for my friends and charge them on Venmo, I just round down. In return I get charged to the cent from them! Even if it's . 10 cents!

On vacation with friends and one of them asked if everything we did cost money and he has a good amount of money saved. Don't go on vacation if cheap.

My friend is soooo cheap that he made me pay half on a 4.00 movie rental back in the day. He does most his grocery shopping in the manger special bins?????? I love him, but he's ridiculous when it comes to money!!

My friend is so cheap we were carpooling somewhere and even after I bought snacks to help offset the gas expense without an agreement before carpooling on the way back he asked me for a 10 spot help with gas. Never again

standing at line at Disney, friend didn't want to get out of line for his kid to pee, let kid pee in reusable popcorn bucket, then washed it in the bathroom and REUSED IT. CHEAP!

I went on a date with a guy who admitted that he would purposely show up late to dinner with friends so that he could eat the rest of their plates that they were too full to finish. I also didn't finish my meal on the date, and he asked if he could take my leftovers home. This was a first date

my friend asks to go to dinner at Olive Garden. Only eats the breadsticks and salad Which are free. Then when I don't finish my meal asks if they can finish my meal. And then doesn't want to pay anything.

A friend/colleague invited me out to lunch and when the bill came, she told me she forgot her wallet and only had $5 on her so I had to pay the rest. She invited me a 2nd time and I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt & it happened again

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