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TEXT TOPIC: What is your PAT text?

"P.A.T" just because I am female does not mean I am not stronger than you. Just get over yourself

I didn't take away your job. You lost your job. I was simply holding you accountable for your choices. We hired you eight weeks ago and you have yet to put in one full week of work.

Amanda if you keep giving the milk for free, he's not going to buy the cow. You want a relationship, he doesn't. And you know damn well he's not in the right set of mind to be in one either. Give him the space he needs to heal & find himself. He'll deny it but anyone who cares about him can see he needs to learn to be on his own.

Pam, you are annoying.

dear boss, if you don't get your CRAP together you will run your company into the ground. Also stop saying you don't want to be a mom while actively trying for #3.

you were a bridezilla during your wedding and now a freaking momzilla for this pregnancy. I've had enough Megan, it's a boy, buy some blue shiz

not being a "D" because I questioned your office for setting the wrong appointment type and turning me away. It was a total waste of time and your fault. Don't call out patients on social media either. So unprofessional. I'm sure the dr would love to know that but I'm not a "Karen"

PSA for drivers in Utah.. Get the Fn' Hell out of the fast lane!!!! The fast lane is for passing/fast drivers, it is not a driving people!! If you don't know the rules of the road maybe you need to go back to driving school and retake your driving test!!

Marriages are not 50/50, they're 100/100 and I'm tired of picking up your slack.

Hey coworker, you've gotten two raises thanks to your "degree" that has nothing to do with our job. Stop complaining about being asked to drive the beer cart at the golf tourney.

Mom we get it we have different views about masks and the vaccine. STOP forcing yours on me and my kid's. Respect my opinion like I do yours

when you're with friends... grow up, don't be rude and quit obsessing over whatever is in your phone. Be present. Thanks k bye!

Ok people school is back in session respect the school busses and stop when the stop signs are out !!!

brayden you share EVERYTHING you see on facebook and tag one person. Why not just send it to them?

PAT Lara, just go away. You seriously need a hobby.

You know I would have been hired back if I were a guy Jamie!

if you're going to a doctors office, don't expect to not wear a mask. We literally never stopped wearing masks.

Dr x hubs, you thought I was the bitch x wife, I walked away taking nothing. I didn't need anything from you. I've been treated like shit the last decade. Well karma has come around. This soon to be ex wants everything you have. Should be grateful for the pride I have to do it on my own. Sorry not sorry!!

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