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TEXT TOPIC: What happened this past weekend?

I woke up half awake, slipped on my dogs chew toy and hit the bathroom corner counter sink and got 8 staples on my forehead Sunday morning

got a concussion and woke up in the ER glad my brother was there lol

I saw Chris Stapleton in concert in Virginia. Amazing concert.

Alisa here!Got to see Jess! Also celebrated 6 mos cancer free 4 a 9 yr old cancer little! Went 2 DIY fest 4 my friend, Moody Cactus! Great booth!

I feel like my weekend started on Thursday i went to maroon 5 I absolutely love him he was amazing than Friday was my moms birthday ?? Saturday we kinda just chilled and Sunday i went to church, the gym, the car wash and a photo shoot I'm exhausted ??

had a lovely anniversary dinner, spent time with the fam and then got to go to one of my absolute favorite comedians fortune feimster

Started the weekend off the weekend in the ER for a possible hernia and ended the weekend making yummy pancakes with the love of my life

had fun on Saturday with my girl at boondocks had a blast then went to Texas roadhouse for dinner.

we got my son his first puppy, he's a corgi and just the cutest thing

What's the California this weekend to bury Uncle had a great party afterwards with family and friends then went on Saturday what's my 1st 40 niners game took my daughter had A-blast then drove home yesterday all in all a good weekend

went to my cabin in Island Park ID for my 34th bday. Went 4wheeling, floated the river, had amazing food and I'm 15 months sober from drugs and alcohol today!!!!

went to a drag queen brunch at Leatherheads in Draper! The funnest thing ever!!!

maroon 5, 10 miles cycling, school shopping and a jeep trail ride

so Saturday was a last minute thing but I went to das energy festival (rave) out at the Saltair and it was fantastic being with my brothers and friends

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