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TEXT TOPIC: Traumatic thing happened to you, did you get back on the horse?

I used to work for UTA as a Trax driver, I got into a very serious fatal accident that had me quit the job, I haven't gotten on Trax since, finally did last weekend.

I was boogie boarding in the ocean and a jelly fish got wrapped around my stomach. That was when I was maybe like 14 and I'm now 28 and still scared to go into the ocean.

I fell over 150 feet hiking and went back a year later on the anniversary of my fall

When I was 18 years old I went off the diving board and as I was swimming up in a bout to surface somebody else jumped off and came right down on top of my shoulders and push me all the way back down. Ever since then I have not gone off the diving board and I am 26 years old

Got ran over by a drunk driver while pumping gas. Took me 5 years to feel comfortable pumping again

broke my arm in an arm wrestling tournament in 2011(I had competed for 10 years) now 10 years later, I'm happy to sit in the audience ?? –Haylo--ps the arm break was filmed

our house caught on fire on the 24th of July. Our grill had a leak. I'll never own a grill ever again. Any kind of fire frightens me

got in a ATV accident and broke both collar bones. I was 6 I didn't get on a ATV till I was 30.

took a puff of my asthma inhaler the cap was missing & there was a quarter in the mouthpiece and it lodged in my throat flat No one home I balled up my fist to my stomach & hurled myself on arm of couch on 3rd atmpt coin turned sdways and I cld breathe. I always look at inhaler & shake it now. So scary

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