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TEXT TOPIC: How many meetings do have a day?

I'm the director of nursing at an assisted living and I have at least one meeting and an average of four.

my wife is legit in zoom meetings from 8am to 3pm. Poor girl.

I am the VP of People of a tech start up in high growth mode and have no fewer than 10 meetings daily because I'm hiring and counseling employees.

I'm usually in at least 20-25 meetings a week. Makes it difficult to get work done and have turned down promotions because i didn't want more meetings. Was actually drug tested because someone reported i seemed disinterested in my meetings. I should

My boyfriend has on average 9-14 meetings a day. He works as a training manager for a call center

in a previous life I would average about 4-5 per day

I have anywhere from 3-13 meetings a day--and if I'm not in meetings, I'm making outbound calls to set up more meetings.

Work for a call center and we have 3 to 5 meetings a day... lucky I work from home and zoom has time limits

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