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TEXT TOPIC: Do you work with a psycho?

an old manager once told me he could take a lie detector test and get away with lying 100%. I later found out he is a registered sex offender. Psycho!

worked with Josh Powell, he was an odd mofo. He thought he knew everything about everything, down to the best product to use for your period :/

I work with lots of psychopaths!! For example I just had to have a 10 minute meeting with HR for how I set my pen down on the table which apparently upsets several staff??

I work in transportation ... definitely work with a few psychos but for sure two that I would never want to be alone with. Creepy! And I'm not even getting into the drivers...

worked with a girl who made my life a living hell she would go around talking about me in our very small office to the point of telling people she wished I would just die

I'm actually the one people think is a psycho. Not because I'm toxic or violent or anything but because I'm just mentally off like people aren't used to. I have DID and tell my close co workers that and sometimes they understand and sometimes it makes it worse lol

coworker so toxic got mad when I'd have morning sickness so I'd puke outside to not get verbally assaulted for being sick. Put me in early labor

Worked with a psychopath who drunk texted her boss, my peer, in the middle of the night complaining about our manager. We fired her and had to walk her out.

my bosses are psychopaths they held a two week grudge that I carried a BOX for my coworker!

work with a nurse who manipulates co-workers do her work but then micromanages. People have quit due to her. Id have to write a lot to paint the whole picture but we've had several meetings with bosses with and without her to "fix" things but she denies everything. She is good. It's hard to tell sometimes if she knows what she is doing but she knows. Psychopath!

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