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TEXT TOPIC: What do you wanna say/brag about when it comes to your kid?

someone broke my vehicle window and stole the window control buttons. Left everything in the car alone but only took the control buttons

in high school I ran inside for about 2 min got back in my car and realized someone had stolen my ipod cable. Had to unplug my ipod to take it!

the weirdest thing that was stolen from me and also my wife was our baby on board magnets that we had on my truck and on her car. Super weird.

crazy roommate would steal toilet paper rolls from our bathroom. I was in charge of buying it and it kept disappearing. Snuck in her room and found a bunch of rolls! ???

The weirdest thing that I had stolen was my iron! We had a break in, he took money, nice camera etc and then a few days later I couldn't find my iron and was joking that the robber took it but then a few weeks later they recovered MY IRON! But none of the other things that we're actually worth something! ??

When my roommate was kicked out she stole all my 1/4 cup and teaspoon measuring cups

my ex took 8 pairs of my expensive heels, my 3 corsets and my box of tampons when the judge made him move out

When I was a kid, a woman with mental illness next door took a looking to me. She would sneak in our home and steal pictures of me and my hair brushes.

they broke into my car and stole my mask

I've taken a guys Xbox controller after a make out/hookup if I guy doesn't ask me out vs ask to "watch a movie" I take an item from him like a Amazon remote, toothbrush or one of his shoes

someone broke into my car years ago and all they stole was my school backpack, not my wallet not my iPod, the only thing I cared about was my class notes:(

years ago I had someone steal $4 dollars in quarters from my cup holder but I had 300 in my center Consol That was still in the car when I got there

had a roommate at college who got kicked out of school and when I came home she had stolen my bedspread off of my bed. She took her own bedding, but also took my bedspread.

Somebody stole my gas cap and I didn't notice until I went to go get gas again.

My pine tree got stolen out of my front yard at Christmas one year

someone broke into my car and stole the cover off my sons carseat. They left the seat, just took the padding cover

My contact lenses were stolen from the locker room at the pool.

A high school friend of mine and I were roommates we allowed another high school friend to stay with us a week later she stole our adult toys and lube and took off with a truck driver she didn't know to become a lot lizard ??????????????

Someone broke into my car and stole my hamburger I left in there while I was in the store

a cousin of mine had an ex that stole the inside of their shoe, not the shoes and not even both the the inside sole just the 1

In college someone broke in and stole our wet vac

One time we were at the air show and someone had stole our Minnie Mouse antenna ball and nothing else

I've had my bed stolen from my front yard because I was getting my carpets cleaned & I pulled everything out of my house & someone stole it.

had a roommate stealing my wife's clothes and selling them at platos

used to have a friend live w me. After I kicked her out she stole all my spoons ???????

Went to dinner in Jordan Landing came back out and my license plate was gone it's custom so I guess someone wanted it

Years ago as a missionary someone bashed in our car window and stole my scriptures ?? like bro we literally give these away for free all day every day

Someone broke into my car and stole my hairbrush. Not the brand new pool stick, or the fifth of rum, but the hair brush.

He tried to steal the xmax decorations outside so when we started noticing the xmas lights going off and falling my dad and uncle go outside and saw him carrying a rudolph and dragging xmas lights. He dropped it off half a block down and took off running but his car was 2 houses down lol

my friends brother passed away and had his ashes stolen from her car. The person must have thought there was something else in that little box. She put an announcement out in local radio and news and never found them to this day.

A small package of IKEA cookies that they "haven't had since 2012" Thats oddly specific. They even ate a whole package during game night. I guess it wasn't enough.

talk about ironic, Somebody took my crucifix from my car.

Someone broke in to my car and stole my kids Harry Potter scarfs. That I knit my myself.

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