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TEXT TOPIC: What's on your RADAR?????

Blank Canvas Salon in Ogden! They're amazing and specialize in the entire Pulp Riot color wheel! Check out their IG and FB! Most talented hair stylists in Utah!

Arely_designs on Instagram

Shake Shack

Top Secret UFO projects declassified – Netflix

Albanese gummi bears

The bananas and cream yogurt – Trader Joe’s

back on my radar is Friday Night Lights on Netflix, just a feel good series. Makes me want to watch football and I'm not a sports fanatic.

Rita's Italian ice. The Georgia Peach with vanilla frozen custard!! AMAZING!!

"Lady Parts" on Peacock it's about a all girl punk band from India....I binged the entire first season last night it's so good!!!! Hopefully there will be another season????

Champagne dreams koolaid money ! Local mom and daughter podcast talking about mental illness and just all around life . Really cute ??

loyal Greek restaurant just opened yesterday in taylorsville....Redwood and 53rd

scared to death podcast and fear street series on Netflix.

The podcast The History Chicks. All about amazing women in history. Harriett Tubman to Jackie Kennedy to Lucille Ball. So many. Just finished Pocahontas! Her tea story is fascinating

Madison Kate series by Tate James . It's a reverse Harem and I'm OBSESSED!

late to the game!!! But I'm loving Yellowstone the tv show

Kid Brunswick an artist I discovered he kinda has a Chester Bennington vibe

after life on Netflix!! I never tear up or get emotional watching stuff but that show got me crying almost every episode but also very funny

Ted Lasso on Apple + is excellent!! Such a funny, feel good show! Be aware though, lots of F-bombs!

on my radar-The Movies that Made Us on Netflix. The episodes about Back to the Future and Jurassic Park are fascinating

My radar is Mare of easttown on hbo plus. Also there are 3 seasons of manifest but only two on Netflix

My radar is the paranormal peeps. Such a cool podcast. They go into ghosts and the paranormal stuff. But the last episode I listened to they were going into the world of serial killers. And they talked about the night stalker and what made him a serial killer. OMG. It was wow.

Glennon Doyal's podcast "we can do hard things" EXCELLENT!

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