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TEXT TOPIC: What is your PAT text?

My boss gives me his work to do so he can go home early and I just want to tell him do your own job I'm quitting

Hey mom you still have 3 kids at home and you can't blame your ex for being in your room all the time, be present and take your kids to the doc and dentist and get a place to live before getting your boobs done

Mom please stop slut shaming me because I had the guts to get a boyfriend for the first time. I know he sucked but maybe you could give me some positive advice instead of telling me I'm a whore

this goes out to this girl name melanie quit trying to ruin my marriage with your friend request and snooping through my Facebook your just a h.o.e

Arcadia tenants, learn how to drive! Stop hitting our garage door, we just fixed it from the last accident!

I have given you a 4 week notice of quitting my job and if your not worried of training anyone into doing it then neither am I good luck figuring out everything I do and all the details

Amanda save your heart from pain. Dont expect a serious relationship. He is a great guy, but he's still in love w/ his ex-wife & he is still figuring himself out. Plus, he does a lot of white lies. Lies are lies.

took a trip to Idaho this past weekend...... the idiot drivers that act like the left lane is just another lane, IT'S NOT! I IT'S A PASSING LANE! If people are passing you in the right lane you should have your drivers license revoked! Argh!

Yo Buttface! I didn't ask for your opinion about Covid. If you are so certain the vaccine has microchips and you can be tracked. You need to be getting rid of your cellphone! You're an idiot, the internet isn't always right!

Your 'introspective' fb posts are hypocritical and amusing. Maybe be a better person all the time instead of continuing to have people remove themselves from your life & then saying you need to be better. Oh & PS- you're a narcissist.

Your son is a drug addict. He will ALWAYS be a drug addict. I get that you want to believe what he tells you, but really all you're doing is enabling him to continue his destructive behavior.

Hey Biotch. You want my man have him. He's a big talker be ready to step up financially. I'm gonna be fine

don't tow in the left lane! ??

sorry I'm not in the mood all the time. It's hard to want to when you consistently make me feel like I'm not enough in other ways.

hey Mormon friends, quit posting how you are praying and fasting for rain... how's that working out for you?

Ashley STOP lying! About EVERYTHING! we've always known your word meant nothing but now having your kids lie for you? To their father?! New low. Grow up! They tell us more than you think!

Hey Stepmom don't say you are changing the will and taking us out because we are well off, we work hard for what we have, but sure give it to your 5 well off kids. Not our fault you don't have a lot of money to leave them but know they get our mom and dads money and their dads money, way to be fair!

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