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TEXT TOPIC: I can't believe they said that to me!!

I've been fighting a bone infection with the possibility of losing my foot. I've only missed 2 weeks of work. I wish in a dental office and had a patient come in that had a car accident with a broken leg. My coworker said to me "see, they're people who are suffering more than you". Like what? Told her not to compare peoples sicknesses.

I'm a bigger person, not really big. My boss said "you know wearing bigger clothes don't make you look thinner"

dr's office Called with blood test Results. The lady tells me based on one of the tests I have a brain tumor and need an mri to confirm. Not something you say over the phone

laying in the hospital bed after having my daughter and my MIL told my husband and I that she will be ordering a paternity test because my daughter looks nothing like him. She looks like both of us.

a medical resident was doing my yearly physical. He went through all the questions and said "no kids? I guess you won't be having any at your age." I was 30. My doctors mouth dropped. She was so ashamed.

Neighbor yelled at me for "letting" my dog pee on the park strip grass in front of his house. 1st time meeting said neighbor. Great 1st impression!!

I met someone without make up on them saw them again with makeup on and he tried to introduce himself and I said we already met I just didn't have makeup on. He said wow what a difference.

When I stopped breastfeeding my son at 6 mo, my husband had the nerve to suggest I should continue. Until you have something attached to your nipples all day, you don't get an opinion. My son wasn't getting enough to eat, and I was already supplementing with formula.

After my Mom passed away from breast cancer that she had been fighting for the last 4 or 5 years a woman attended her funeral and said well weren't you expecting this?

last November I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 28. My coworker told me "well maybe this way you'll lose a little weight."

worked for a plus size clothing company and the manager told me I would only ever be pretty if I put makeup on and even then I might not

My current ex boyfriend abused meth and broke my trust them tells me that I shouldn't be that hurt and that if I can't forgive him I'm the ahole

after getting a positive pregnancy test I was excited for my second baby! I went to the doctor and during my first ultrasound they found a sac, but no baby. It's called a blighted ovum and I miscarried so it was really upsetting to me. My friend told me I wasn't really pregnant and I shouldn't be upset.

I've been in the medical field since 1991. Ive heard some doozies! I had a patient say to me "Wow! You're a doctor? How did you do that? Your people must be proud". Side note: I'm Mexican and an immigrant to the US. Been here since I was 4 years old!!

My father in law told a family friend that we were lazy because we only have one child. My daughter and I and other relatives were standing right there.

A woman stopped me in Costco recently, excuse me how did you get that scar on your face? I was taken back a bit & I kindly said, a dog bite when I was a child 40 years ago. She then said, you're pretty enough that you don't notice it that much. Ummm, thanks?

I complimented my doctors secretary on her white blouse. She thanked me & said she wore it to a wedding. I half jokingly said "you wore white to a wedding?" She chuckled, I chuckled. She said the wedding colors were hot pink & black & white. Her skirt had black white & pink flowers. She didn't want to wear a hot pink blouse. I apologized for being judgy. She was very kind. We laughed it off.

my dad told me I got a life changing tumor because of my unfaithfulness

last week I was in chain store wanted to try on some jeans & the young girl at the dressing room told me I had to leave my purse with her...ahhh, I don't think so. Have informed the district office.

aunt bf at the time now husband called me a bitch in front of my entire family for getting food before him, aunt just sat there and didn't say a word. Same guy has called me every name in the book for no reason

My aunt told my cousin, who struggled her with weight and was 8-9 months pregnant, that she looked like a whale.

Was at the instacare and a lady walked in and complained to reception that the 2 ambulances were blocking some of the handicapped spots that she needed to park in. A CN had to jump on and tell her they had things going on and if they are there they really need to be. It didn't stop there either.

my ex cheated and told me "i wouldn't have cheated if you weren't so fat!" I WAS PREGNANT WITH OUR CHILD! needless to say, he's not around at all.

ex sis in law wanted me to change my last name because I shouldn't be hanging on to him ?!?!?! I couldn't even respond.

my mother told me that if my face didn't clear up that wouldn't be allowed to go to my cousins wedding.

when my father in law heard I got a new office job he said "just be careful, you'll get fatter sitting all day"

my ex-husband sister said if we got married in the temple he would have never cheated in me

I'm turning 40 this year and I still remember when I asked my high school math teacher if he felt it was possible I could get a B in his class, he replied, "You know, McDonald's is always hiring."

my dad told me he never wanted to have me when I was 12 years old.

my SIL said (in front of everyone) to me at family pictures "you should stand this way instead, you'll look less fat"

my husband's dad had an affair when my husband was younger. When my husband's mom went to talk to her church leaders for advice, the leader told her that if only she had kept her house cleaner or kept her self up a little more he wouldn't have had the affair. She had 12 children.

I was taking a class in college called eating disorders and body image and a person asked "why? Because you're anorexic?" Okay no not appropriate

a disgruntled patient once called me a "bald b****", when I told her it was due to chemo she said "well you should have died".

My mom - 'I don't know why you have all these issues, my abuse was worse and I'm just fine' Also my mom - 'wow your boobs look like you are an 80 year old who nursed 6 kids' I was 19 She is a peach

I lost a baby at 20wks. My dr came in the room and said "I heard you lost the baby. What do you want to do about it? We could put you in labor and hope you deliver by morning because I have a flight to catch. Or schedule a D andC for next week."

my mom told me she's never loved my sister, my heart sank to heart her actually say that. We've always known she didn't want us but to hear her say something like that.

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