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TEXT TOPIC: How was your weekend?

weekend check in. Went to my first yoga class Saturday and rock climbing for the first time Sunday!

this weekend was awesome. The girl I've been seeing finally kissed me and I saw her boobs.

Had to put my doggo down on Sat. 17 yo, rescued at 3 yo in 2007; got to spend 14 years with my good boy. Rest in peace my Jackie Boy.

moved Mom into an asst living unit.. she fought me for 3 mths. She called me last night and thanked me for all the hard work and all she put me through. She loves it!

we were kidless this weekend, went on a date and me and the wife brought home a nice young lady to play with

Went back east for grandpa's funeral. Great weekend spending time with family and remembering a great man.

Had yummy sushi at Sakana in Jordan landing

i went on a date to top golf and i kissed the girl!! shoutout to my homie bryson!

my boy friend and his family had my bday party. I wanted a puppy but I'm un able to have one right now so my boy friends daughter dressed up as a puppy for me for my bday. My heart melted!

I went skydiving, it was AMAZING

my wife surprised me and my daughters with a puppy this weekend after we lost ours 3 weeks ago and have been bonding with our coco male pup

Put my notice in today to transition into a remote job. Been at my job 13yrs excited for the change and I will be making so much more money

went and played pickleball with a beautiful girl and shoutout andrew for kissing one!

met my cousin for the first time in person this weekend

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