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TEXT TOPIC: What is a smell that brings you back to your childhood?

Childhood smell. Circus peanut. The orange chewy foam smell of them reminds me of days at my grandparents. ??

manure is one of my favorite smells! Reminds me of working on the farm when I was a kid.

the smell of a gymnastics gym brings me back. My dad coached my whole childhood. ??. Btw, I had to go back to the office.

Automotive paint... cut alfalfa

Lava soap. My gpa was a well driller and he washed up every night with lava soap always brings me back

every time I smell Play-Doh it reminds me of being a kid at my moms kitchen table with newspaper down on the table and just making a mess, great times

The smell of home made bread

My grandpa had these Cologne bottles that was shaped in different figures some kind of musk lol but I use to play with them they was like Cars and animals... that smell brings me back but also my grandma wore red door so that smell as well

The smell of honeysuckle. It reminds me of being young and going out in the back yard

Smells- the lilac smell of allergy nose spray reminds me of my grandma that passed when I was in 1st grade. Haha. Love you guys. Listening from Kentucky!

Anytime I smell an old car that is burning oil, it takes me back to when we would visit my grandparents in Mexico

mine is Wicked Wahini, it's a purfume from Hawaii that my grandma loved to wear.

spearmint gum. My grandma kept gum in her purse and everytime she opened it you would always smell spearmint gum.

The smell that brings me back to my childhood is Lilac...we have property and my grandma always had Lilac bushes and to this day that smell is my favorite and i always think of my grandma

I'm from the Texas Hill country originally, cedar reminds me of exploring the green belt, dude ranches and houses. Also the smell of sunscreen reminds me of summers as a kid

smell of older cars.. kind of a musty smell I guess you could say.

when smell fideo soup reminds me of my grandma's kitchen

Jorgensen lotion reminds me of my gramma....she always used it...

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