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TEXT TOPIC: How did you get burned by technology?

Venting on the phone about my husband and he had pulled into the driveway and my phone had connected to his bluetooth. Oops.

had a seriously upset stomach. On a business group call. Muted and was moaning. Wasn't muted...

used to have Monday mornings. During Covid these were virtual. They were so long and nothing relevant ever was said. Ran to the grocery store while listening via headphone. While checking out my phone turned off the mute for all 200+ people to hear the stores announcement over the loud speaker. Oops.

One time I thought it would be fun to swap intimate pictures with my husband. I accidentally sent them to my boss. CHECK and DOUBLE check the recipient!! I blocked my boss and never returned to work.

Doing a treatment on a house w/phone in back pocket & my butt posted a bra & panty selfie to my profile story on FB. I'VE NEVER POSTED A STORY BEFORE

new to snapchat, had a sore in a private area, my gf wanted to see. Recorded video and accidentally hit upload to story and FREAKED..2 Co workers saw it all

got some crazy underwear from blue boutique I took a picture of me in them went to send it to my girlfriend then I got a text from my aunt saying your crazy boy and I sent it in a group message to all my aunts and mom

I went on a trip to Vegas after recently started dating someone and forgot my phone luckily my dad lived there and had an old phone I could use and I sent several new relationship graphic text to my girlfriend when I got home I put the phone away and forgot about it and my daughter needed a phone for a trip she was going on and you can guess the rest of that story she was not impressed

got a notification on my cousin's daughters Snapchat story. I opened it and it was a video of her pleasingly herself with her hand down her panties. I immediately sent her a text to let her know. She thought she sent it to her husband! She removed it right away! Dying of embarrassment for her!

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