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TEXT TOPIC: What do you and your spouse disagree about?

my husband and I don't agree on sexy time. His desire is always high and mine is very low(due to meds). It's sad because it's the only thing we disagree on and it causes problems :(

my spouse and I are disagreeing on how to handle our contractors who are finishing our basement. They have been working on it for 8 months and we still don't have it finished! I want to call and talk out the plan since they aren't responding you texts. My husband wants to wait it out. So frustrating!

he won't get vaccinated

BF thinks my 16 yo son should never be home alone. He thinks he should work full time as well. Wtf man. Let kids be kids.

We disagree about an open marriage. She wants both a boyfriend and a girlfriend. I just want my wife.

Parenting! Teenage step son getting high daily for 3 yrs now and Explosive anger issues! It's NOT okay!

the covid vaccine

One more baby (we have 3)

him needing to have his ex in his life and talk everyday about his every day life what's going on with him and us. She knows everything before me. And she over steps boundaries and doesn't respect our relationship

the vaccine! He won't get it

my wife and I (same sex couple) are having a disagreement about kids. We both agree that we want more (we have 2 IVF babies) the problem is, I want to have another IVF baby-- that is a full sibling to my boys. She wants to foster. She says if we can't foster, no more babies.

my husband is set on taking our 18mth baby to see Kanye if/when he tours his new album. ??. He must be high.....

Wife didn't like the crypto investment, nearly got divorced on investing 20k jokes on her we made over 300k and paid off our house

our sex life. After having our son my drive went up, but his went down. So it's been a rough 11 months.

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