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TEXT TOPIC: Someone call you out for un-friending them on social?

I literally had this happen to me over the weekend. I dated this guy about five years ago for only a month and he keeps adding me on Snapchat and I would delete them and they need add me back and I pity add him well he would always comment on my things I'm currently married and he has a girlfriend and I would just feel uncomfortable and end up Blocking him again well he messaged me on Facebook asking why I blocked him and I basically told him he makes me uncomfortable and leave me alone. like I dated you for a month get over it bro

One of the managers where I work unfriended all of her employees on Facebook just to maintain professional boundaries. Everybody was an uprising about 10 minutes after she did it ha ha. She was just trying to be professional

My sister in law unfriended me on Facebook because she knows we don't like decisons that she is making in her life right now. I called her out for it at a family function. We argued, but ended up making up.

my husband un friended our sister in law. Every time i see her she brings it up. At first I said I didn't know what she was talking about. Now I just say he's particular who he's friends with. He un friended her because she said to his face he wasn't family because he married into the family. She married into the family too lol

I breed dogs, I put thousands of dollars in to ensure I'm doing it right and to produce healthy dogs and good temperaments. I'll call people out for being awful breeders and then unfriend them and they get offended and shocked asking why I unfriended them, you know why, do better

I got into a blow out with my younger brother. He was mad that I blocked him on instagram. He doesn't like that I drink, and I didn't want his judgment.

I'm so tired of crazy family members unfriending and refriending me - the next time I get a friend request from my cousins I'm gonna tell them about the reconnection fee. ??

I unfriended this guy Joseph. He would constantly post what he was doing at all damn hours and was all about drama. ran into him at the groc store and homeboy was salty. He was cussing at me for doing that. ----I told this dude why I unfriended him, as I was walking away he threw a pasta bag at me that he had in his cart. I turned around and an employee who saw the whole thing held me back from slapping b*tch out of him.

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